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  1. So I've had a modded Xbox original for a few years now, and I just got around to using it again. Thanks to this forum it's running much stronger. Upgraded to the Startech SATA adapter, changed to an 80wire IDE cable (not pictured) and then moved over to a TSOP flash instead of a softmod.
  2. Funny enough I used a Sabrent adapter at first and it would boot my SATA drive with the 40wire just fine, once I switched to an 80 wire I had booting issues, But then I got a startech adapter and alls been well.
  3. Funny enough my xbox worked just fine with it, then I removed the cap and forgot to clean and it FRAGd, but once I got in there with a qtip and rubbing alcohol I had no issues,
  4. Hello! Just joined too, glad to see the community is alive.

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