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  1. A while back i worked on getting the debug menu functions working on the retail build of this and while i was able to get some things going, there was a lot that i never could get to work. There is a test level and some other debug stuff that might work on this. This is def a nifty little piece of history.
  2. I found a link on here where Rocky I think put up for a download with 625 unleash skins. Unfortunately it is not there either. I had this skin a long, long, time ago and I lost all my skins when my older xbox HDD crashed and I never got back around to downloading it. Allxboxskins.com had some good skins back in the day before it went down. If someone can help me find this, I'll send them an early bird build of nestopia 2.3 before it hits.
  3. Yea, unfortunately it doesn't show it in the way back machine. This is all I have to go on. That site is long gone.
  4. HI all, XtecuterX73 from emuxtras here. The nestopiax dev. Can someone please help me find this unleashx skin that used to be on allxboxskins.com? Here is the only link i could find to it. Now i know there is no picture for it but this is the best i could do since i had to use wayback machine . It was a skin from Treya87 called Oblivion Nights. I would really appreciate any help finding this long lost gem. https://web.archive.org/web/20071207164550/http://www.allxboxskins.com/vote-comment/vc.php?UID=11084&app=unleashx&display=yes There are many skins from this site that are

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