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  1. Sorry you misunderstand me, I am modding the aladdin xt to make it an Aladdin Xblast. Aladdin Xblast - Assembler Games However the new 1mb bios chip + cpld code refuses to flash after hot-swapping the chips, however if i use the 256k cpld code and bios the chip will flash hot swapping.
  2. So I have reprogrammed the cpld of the aladdin xt ready for xblasting, I have tried booting the console off an x2 duo lite modchip hotswapping and flashing xblast however Evox Gives me "flash not writable" error. I am using sst49lf080a chips and all of them say the same. I have tried flashing the 1mb bank 1mb dual and 256k. The 256k works with the original 49lf020a and I can flash it however after reprogramming the cpld and fitting the 49lf080a chip the flash is not writable. I have no wires on the modchip and grounded d0 on the board. I am completely stumped and dont want to fork out for a programmer for the 49lf080a chips especially if they could be bad. What the hell can I do or could the chips I have be bad? Serious Thanks in advanced!
  3. This was my thought, Im going to check this out tomorrow/ monday and find the culprit. I have seen a few people have this issue online with no answer so I will report back if i find anything.
  4. I have also just checked and with the eye the modchip is cosmetically perfect no damage at all, however it will not boot in a console and instantly frag any console. Also I have compared it to another x3ce I have and again it looks identical, would this indicate that its a corrupt bios? or would it be because it could have an old bios and doesn't support the 128mb ram? all the consoles I have tried it in have been 128mb upgrades. cheers
  5. I have checked and everything is sound with the soldering, pretty sure the x3 is bad, just tried it in another console that has a working x3 and the console fragged, either it is software or the backup is bad? anyway to recover?
  6. I have recently just installed a spare x3ce I have to an og xbox however some bits was missing, I dont have a switchboard or the cable to go to hdd/lan/d0 I have installed the pin header fine and connected the x3 and everything lights up fine i get 5v and 3.3v light ( I have soldered d0 on the back and connected it to the d0 pin on the modchip) however now the console frags. Im pretty confidant my pin header is installed correctly as I have ram upgraded the same board I just cant understand why the console keeps fragging. I have not connected the hdd/ lan but I didnt think that would make any difference? Also the console boots normally without the mod chip on but obviously hangs on the xbox logo due to the 128mb ram.
  7. Put it up for bids mate, I would rather everyone get a chance to get hold of it. If someone makes me an insane offer I will take it though
  8. Selling on ebay to make it fair on UK buyers. I really want this to go to a good home, I am only selling as I am moving house and need the money towards fees otherwise I would have kept it eternally haha. Thanks for taking the time to look. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Very-Rare-Team-Xecuter-Original-Xbox-With-TX-Faceplate-128mb-Ram-X3ce-Xapt3r/113716250636

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