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  1. Ahhhh.... the second part of your post was missing in the first place. So I thought you were asking for help Thanks for the link. Works great now. Whats interesting... VC3 seems to be the only one which isn't running using component signal in my cab. With composite/ scart on a simple flatscreen in works. Strange behavior. OutRun2 and Ghost Squad working great either way.
  2. Looking good to me. Having trouble running? Put the games where you want. The Chihiro folder needs to be on E:\
  3. It all works flawless right now. Thanks alot to wikati and N64 Freak. Struggling just a bit with Sound in NBA Jam. Game runs at full speed but sounds seems to double now and then. Played a bit with the overclocking feature of CPU01... which should be the one for the sound as far as I know. Couldn't find the sweet spot for now. Besides that... I am so happy to have that beast running with my cab. No more slow downs. All Emulation at full speed. Including KI I and II. Even Virtua Fighter is running like a charm. Truly a DreamBox and I can highly recommend the outstanding craftsmanship of N64 Fre
  4. you're right. I've found 2 in my directory. vc3.xbe and vc3_t.xbe. Patched both. Doesn't seem to work. As I said... I am not that sure about my copy of vc3. Just found in the open net. Can't verify that this is an actually working copy though.
  5. yep... tried on VC3. If leaving original I am able to get at least to the next screen before freezing. BTW... found out that the jiggering UI videos in CoinOps are working fine when switching to music instead of sound. So... seems like an audio glitch during playback of the game video files. With just music enabled it works just great.
  6. Uh... doesn't seem to work with Chihiro games right? Just tested VC3 and it freezes in the "warning" screen after loading up. Not sure about my copy though. Had no success yet to find the package with the 3 games including the Chihiro launcher. If anybody has it uploaded anywhere... ;)
  7. Dude... what can I say. That did the trick! The games within CoinOps now seem to work great! Okay... still have those jiggering preview videos in the UI. Any clue about that issue? Do I need to match the exact Mhz when patching. I choose the DreamX (1480) for now. As far as I know I have a couple more in the specs of about 1512 Mhz or so. But I heard the builder say it is the same Speed as the DreamX. You think this matters and may fix the jiggering videos? Thanks so much for your help wikati! Cheers, Dan
  8. Hi guys. Just got my upgraded 1.5Ghz/ 128mb hoping to have that extra emulation boost on certain games while running via jamma connector on my arcade cab. I just realized that CoinOps doesn't seem to be too happy about my upgrade since the preview videos in the UI won't play smoothly anymore. Also... I couldn't find a way to set a throttle for the games as they are all running way too fast now. There is the overclock feature ingame setting when pushing back and right thumb stick. Decreasing the overclock is not fine enough and I couldn't match the og game speed as well as the sound seems still
  9. Hi guys, thanks for having me. Just got my N64Freak 1.5 Ghz Box to hook up with my arcade cab and I am doing my first steps with my upgraded box right now. I have a chip modded box running for years on my jamma cab. Love that black brick! It's doing a great a job. Wanted some boost for the perfect emulation. Hope to find a few answers and hints running my new machine. Cheers, Dan BTW... just realized I already had an introduction post a while back. Sorry for the double penetration
  10. Hey guys, still running my old Xbox to feed my Arcade Cab through Jamma connector. Runs great... but I am looking to get one with more RAM and Power to support a couple more games. Still want to hold onto the Xbox rather than switching onto a new system due to the great connectivity with my Cab and the CRT. Would be nice to have a backup box to ad. Guess I'll need to start to chat with N64Freak very soon Thanks for having me. Cheers, Dan

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