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  1. I have already reformatted my HDD once on my PC during this process to check that. What does this program do differently than any other Disk Formatting service? I have come to the same conclusion though that it must be the cable or more likely the adapter.
  2. 480p bios with stock HDD worked fine so I guess my new HDD just fuzzed up somehow. Going to reformat now hopefully won't happen again. EDIT: So I tried cloning a different HDD that I had laying around from the stock HDD and that also did not work so possibly an issue with my SATA to IDE adapter? The pins are slightly bent from the amount of switching I've had to do but nothing too crazy. Quite frustrating as I was about to FTP some games over when this started happening initially.
  3. I did not try the 480p bios with the stock hdd and cables so I will try that next when I get some time. Since my new HDD worked at one point I would rather try to just reformat it again with the installer disk tool unless you really think I would be able to find out what went wrong by doing all of that.
  4. Using my original HDD and cables both stock and EvoM8+ bios work just fine. So somehow my new HDD got screwed up?
  5. So I modded a 1.6 with a OpenXenium chip and flashed Evolution M8Plus 1.6. I upgraded the harddrive successfully and was launching into my new dashboard with no issues. I then went to flash a version of the EvoxM8plus that forces 480p and when I restart to test the flash I am greated with an error code 9. Brand new Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDD(ST2000DM008), brand new 80pin IDE cable, brand new startech ide to sata connector. I have removed the 480p bios and still getting the same result. I have removed the disk drive and still getting the same result. From my limited knowledge I feel that flashing the 480p bios is not my issue but that was literally the only thing that changed between my last successful boot. Trying to dig out my SATA to USB to look at the HDD on my PC but I have no other ideas of what could be happening, do I need to recheck my solder points?
  6. Is there a way I can see the current contents of the C drive? I want to check if I am crazy or not because I am almost certain this booted the stock dash before I messed with it.
  7. No I haven't done anything. Maybe I am misremembering launching the stock dashboard but I am fairly certain I tried to launch both to get a feel for how the modchip worked. Either way, I would like to for now return this board to its stock settings and then probably try a TSOP flash on it so I'll look into starting that. I'll probably start a new thread if I run into issues with that. Thank you for your help.
  8. It looks like I will have to do this. Long term though I would like to fit all my Xbox's with modchips so I do not have to worry about the disk drive failing. I have no reason to keep a stock Xbox but there are some things I want to do such as being able to force 480p through component for everything if that is possible. On my modchip I see the lock and unlock options, is that possibly why this Xbox won't boot the OG dashboard? Because I unlocked it somehow? The original dash used to load before I took it apart.
  9. Do I need a mod chip to flash the on board BIOS?
  10. Thank you so much! Just got around to get some time to solder that wire on and it boots with the chip enabled but with the chip disabled it still gives an error 16. Not sure what that is about but I wouldn't mind doing what you suggest and putting this chip on a 1.6 or whatever version would be best for my situation. I wouldn't mind trying to figure out why this won't boot with the chip disabled if you have any thoughts. Also thank you for the link, I will get that program.
  11. I still have no idea how to flash any bios or even figure out what bios is currently on the chip but hopefully when I correctly connect this mod chip back up I can do that haha. Thank you. When it booted before I cleaned it up, I could boot both the stock dash and the modded dash.
  12. On some older site I found instructions on installing this chip and there was something said about one of those wires needs to connect to the d0 point? The pictures are such bad quality that I can't quite tell what on the board it is connecting to. It wasn't soldered to anything when I took the chip off to clean the board. The guide mentions just taping it down but there was no tape either.
  13. Maybe I installed the chip incorrectly? Instead of wires it has these spikes coming out of the part that connects to the board and fits into holes on the board. There are some wires hanging off of it but they were not connected to anything on the board that I could see.
  14. So I bought a modded xbox with an Xecutor 2.3b Lite. When I got it home I launched it with the chip enabled and with it disabled and both worked as expected. I have no idea what dashboard or bios is being used as those are things I am still not at all familiar with. I took it apart to remove the clock capacitor and to reapply thermal paste and now when I launch I get an error code 16. Everything I read about this error has to do with not finding a menu setting to set the clock of the HDD or erasing of files on the HDD but I did none of this as I don't really know how to yet. Was this a result of removing the clock capacitor? I have removed others in my other Xbox's without this issue, this is the first modded xbox I have touched when doing these casual repairs. Could I have possibly reinstalled the chip incorrectly after I put the xbox back together? Any help appreciated, anything I look up about this error code just doesn't line up with what I did and the suggestions for fixing get into territories I haven't touched yet, I was literally about to make a post asking how to identify what bios this modded xbox had and if it was right for what I intend to do with it but then this occured.
  15. Any way I could get an updated invite? That one has expired.
  16. Thank you, I have like 5 1.6's laying around that I plan to mod so this is very helpful info. Ok thank you, I'll check that out.
  17. So it sounds like if I want to cover all my bases, using an Xecuter2 modchip with X2 5032 16 bios will work on most all Xbox's?
  18. Very new to Xbox modding here, hopefully this isn't too general of a question for this section but I wasn't sure where else to ask it. Are there huge differences between mod chips to have so many different types or do they all essentially do the same thing just with some bells and whistles to set them apart? I just bought an xbox with a chip on it already(I believe it is an xecuter2) but plan on buying more to mod multiple xbox's. I guess I just wanted to know if I can do the same general thing with all chips or if certain chips can only do certain things.
  19. When you say DVD drives dying are the biggest threat, are you saying that doing a softmod requires a DVD drive? My first mod I plan on just wanting to use a larger HDD so that I can hold the entire xbox library(or at least most of it) to reduce the need of having hard copies.
  20. After years of collecting dust, I'm finally getting my 5 Xbox's out to fix and mod. Starting with replacing the bad capacitors, modding one to hold all of the Xbox games, and then who knows from there. Really just want to get rid of all of my physical copies of games as they are taking up space and I've given up on collecting. Thanks for having me!

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