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  1. thats the thing, i did on the v1.2, not on this one, and it seems to be performing better
  2. i must say my v1.0 seems faster, cooler and more stable than the v1.2, could x2 bios be better then ind? or could it be the cpu cooler? or is it just in my head
  3. im not even sure if your joking or serious lol.. but does it improve anything? or would it hardly be noticeable . thats what i wonder
  4. Hello I've seen people online who have upgraded the 72mm fan with a 80mm fan, mainly to keep it running silently. But does it keep the xbox cooler also? i have noticed some stuttering in some games, i already replaced the cooling paste. i have already thought that it probably is because of hardware limitations and that the games run as they were intended but it doesn't hurt to try and improve the cooling so that it surely isnt a heat problem. and is it possible to improve the heatsink? i have swapped my v1.2 with a V1.0, is the v1.2 "passive" heatsink better? is there a possibility
  5. It wasn't good, but it wasn't awful , i wasn't able to transfer the internals as i planned, and i lost parts closing the case again. so i really havent used it. i've given up on wireless ones, although i want to try the madcatz one as well.
  6. I'm gonna let a friend look at it. its been laying on the side for a while, i'm pretty sure its near impossible to find , let alone fix the issue.
  7. So i sort of have an idea that might or might not work. Since the size of USB drives are becoming bigger and bigger, wouldn't it be a good idea to use a USB drive as hard drive on Hardmodded/tsopped consoles? If you use an IDE2USB converter and use a USB3 extension cord to have an external USB port, you could easily plug in a stick. ofcourse i have no clue how and if the xbox could handle this but if it can, you could read your usb3 drive on a pc and easily add emulators etc on the stick using something like fatxplorer and have multiple "hard drives" that are easily swapped. Thoughts?
  8. hmm everyone seems to have these black grounding wires, my 360 cable didn't have that but had silver shielding around the cable, i just soldered my grounds to that and it works perfectly. also you did it way better than me . one thing i noticed (i had to kill a 3rd party component cable) is that the hellfire component cable didn't have any ground except for audio. i wonder if you solder every ground to an actual ground or the one grounding cable precent, will it fix the ghosting issues and improve quality overall..
  9. Golden tip : i watched the video and because of it , i fucked up the shielding, just do the same thing as in the images above. Open it up on the cables side and the shielding comes off pretty easy (and intact, cost me 2 xbox av cables and a hellfire one till i noticed how easy it should have been :p)
  10. well im receiving a banged up one next week, so i could give you more info on that, they never where comfortable, yet they are the only wireless ones available,,, i would kill to be able to use a 360 controller on an og xbox ...
  11. finished this mod , can confirm , its the best image quality i personally ever saw from an OGxbox
  12. Hi everyone My name is Rens I'm from Overpelt , Belgium, 25 years old (male) I have been into xbox modding about then years ago, softmodded a few, tsopped my own (broke a few). Haven't really done much the last 7 years when it comes to xbox modding, Started gaining interest again about a month ago and i'm having fun right now with trying some different mods
  13. Hi , I would like to buy some "cheap practice" xboxes to do various mods on them. also would like some wireless logitech controllers without paying an unrealistic high amount for them. Preferably from belgium (because that would remove possible expensive shipping costs) but if its affordable to ship from somewhere else then its fine by me.
  14. interested as well but i guess the sale isn't gonna happen anymore..
  15. Good to know I'm used to people being from the USA, especially when it comes to this kind of stuff

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