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  1. I'm not completely sure how that would work. I just messaged them via facebook for some sort of documentation on how the image is 'cloned'. I will post the response here when and if they respond.
  2. Yeah I thought it would be a good idea to compile them all. There's quite a few there you could add to the drive!
  3. So I've been searching around for good emulator/folder icons for my Xboxes. I ran into a thread on this site with a google drive by xbmcmodsforxbox loaded with great artwork. It didn't quite have all the systems I needed so I thought I'd share with the community what I found and made for it. It's a really nice looking icon pack. Hopefully someone else here will enjoy it as well. I added a couple ones I edited for CoinOps, Ninja, and separating Xbox games alphabetically. All credit goes to xbmcmodsforxbox for the google drive, Dom DXecutioner, and the community that made all these great icons. Link to google drive:
  4. Okay thanks for the fast replies!
  5. I can tell. Kind of a jaw dropping moment for me seeing so much in one place. Kind of hard to track this stuff down these days. You're a legend!
  6. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this collection!
  7. Oh okay thank you! Is that new? I remember being able to download back when I created my account.
  8. Hello all! I joined this site in October of 2018 and back then I was able to download files from the download section of this site. Has there been changes to the requirements to be able to download? It's not allowing me to do so anymore. I've looked for topics covering this, or a help section for an explanation to no avail. How to I get download permissions back?

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