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    Upon further inspection, it looks like I did everything correctly. When I first started XBPartitioner 1.3 it did show ER for both the F&G drives. I decided to format them anyway. I think I may have just formatted them with something that did not show an error then reformatted with the 2 TB split onto each drive (~927GB). Whatever I did, the drive is working just fine and UnleashX shows the correct amount of space for each drive (949,055.088 MB). I've been restoring all my backups, emulators, CoinOps, and game saves and still have well over 600GB on the F Drive and no hiccups yet. Looks like the drive I bought on Saturday also went back up in price about $27 so I am glad I sniped it when I did. So, not to hijack my own thread but, when you guys fill up your 2TB drive with a pre-made torrent from ArcadePunks or wherever, do you use CHIMP to clone the drives or something else? Whatever you use, how long does it take to clone a 2TB drive that's full? I ask because restoring from FTP takes a long time
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    Hello, for compatibility with ATA to SATA adapter, I would advice you to buy a WD BLUE. 2TB is perfect for full Xbox collection. Prefer something that long last. Use Chimp to make 2 partitions of about 980 Mb. The sectors must be 64 kb and not 128 kb. If you use Xpartitionner 1.3, dont forger to first remove small 127 Mb F drive and save and reboot, before créatine F and G. Bye
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    I was actually looking this up. One of the chips on board is made for white and black balance. They showed some sort of comparison side by side picture. It makes the white colors whiter. Maybe this is what people were talking about it looks a little bit brighter compared to the pound wire. It's hard for me to tell the difference. Not only that it has some sort of Chip that make sure every pixel is the way it's supposed to look... and if it senses something is off it will duplicate the image . I think it was called Auto delicing .. I think maybe this is why in this picture of a side-by-side comparison. I took a screenshot to zoom in to see if I can tell the difference if you look on the Apple on the left hand side it's missing half of the stem if you look on the right hand side it has the full stem I think this is where the Auto delicing comes in... and I will say something else when I was capturing footage between the pound wire and the Wii to HDMI for original Xbox. One wire goes to the PC where it is capturing the footage. But what it shows on PC monitor is delayed so you need another monitor to hook the capture device up to I have a small 28 in television I use for it has HDMI hookups. When I was recording the side-by-side footage I noticed that my monitor the game monitor not the PC monitor that was getting the image and recording the image I'm talking about the one I'm looking at with no delay had a lot of green artifacting going on with the pound. Just thought I should add that in there. I don't know whether or not these specific chipsets Help on that end but I did not notice any on the Wii to HDMI.. attached is the image of the screenshot I took. There are a couple other spots that look better on the right side I just can't remember. Take a look for yourself what do you think?
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    If running the latest version, use the downloader to download and install Xbox Artwork.
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    I made a little batch file that can be used with Resources4XBMC. This is to make the collection more compatible with the XBMC4GAMERS dashboard. The bat file will delete the unnecessary .jpg. and .xbe files and copy the fanart.jpg to the root folder of each game. To use this on retail games place the bat file in \Resources4XBMC\Retail Games\ and run it from there. Same method applies to the other folder "Modded" "Ripped" and "Unreleased Games" Use at your own risk. copyfanart.bat

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