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Null Eeprom 1.6, Fit Larger Hard Drive

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Have been watching the null eeprom video on YouTube, specially interested for the 1.6 xbox, little confused on the upgrade of a larger hard drive, after the null eeprom you can't just drop in a blank larger hard drive or can you like you can with Tsop system. 

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No, a softmodded system still requires the HDD to be locked.  However, you know the HDDKey value - 32 0's - to be able to lock it with an eeprom.bin file you either download from the softmodded system or create with the Please login or register to see this link.  Windows application.

Easiest method to install a new SATA HDD is to use Please login or register to see this link. .  Download the archive, extract and upload the E partition files to the Chimp folder (or Apps\Chimp folder).

Youtube video tutorials:




The first video shows all the steps. The last two are included to show the updates made to the user interface after the first tutorial was made

Item List:

1. SATA HDD up to 2TB

2; Molex Y power splitter

3. 80-wire 40-pin high-speed IDE cable (24 inches long)

4. Compatible IDE-to-SATA interface adapter.  Must have a MASTER/SLAVE jumper setting to use Chimp for cloning.


I suggest the StarTech IDE2SAT2 adapter however any other Marvell 88SA8052 bridge controller-based adapter will work just as well.  These are not the least expensive adapters but many have had problems using the $5 adapter (many are delivered non-functioning so more than 1 needs to be ordered to make sure you get 1 onat works.)


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      A friend gave me back the xbox I made for him years ago.  I want to update it for my grankids.  It is chipped with an xecuter 2, is a version 1.6, and currently has an ancient 150GB hdd.  
      Primarily, I want to put in a new HDD, planning on a 500GB, and use a Startech SATA/IDE adapter with an 80 wire cable.  Then I want to add Coinops, and XBMC;  the XBMC primarily for karaoke.  Also a decent dash, thinking probably the last UnleashX.  I have copied all the contents onto a drive via ftp.  
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