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Soufian Elamriti

Xcm Hdmi

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No, do they still make and sell them?

Pound Technology's Please login or register to see this link. is the least expensive solution for non-v1.4 Xbox's on Amazon at $29.99 when in stock. They have had a small glitch using the cable with some v1.4 consoles (Focus video encoder).

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    • By N64 freak
      So finally they are completely ready and for sale now
      I can offer 2 Versions off the cable:
      -The first offers stereo audio on the HDMI signal and 5.1/digital audio through the optical port.
      -And one second does offer 5.1/digital audio on the HDMI sigbnal and through the optical port.
      The price for the cable that only has stereo on the HDMI signal is 65€ (~87US$) +shipping cost 3,70€ (~4,30US$) and paypal fees.
      For the fully digital version that also offers 5.1 through the hdmi signal the price is 70€ +shipping cost 3,70€ (~4,30US$) and paypal fees.
      You can choose between black and white for the case color. I do also offer the Case with a cutout or as a completely closed case. You can easily illuminate the case with a couple 0603 leds and resistors. Solderpads for those are present!
      Got a couple HDMI cables ready in both the full 5.1 Version and the version that only offers stereo through the HDMI connector.
      If you have any questions just drop me a PM!
      To use the cable the Xbox needs to be set to NTSC region and then just plug it in and you connect your console to your hdmi TV!

    • By N64 freak
      I've been asked about hot to internally install my HDMI mod into an Xbox. Well i finally found the time and did such an install properly!
      As i don't like soldering wires all over the place i went a different route and made it a permanent install replacing the original Video Connector. Cause who would use an old composite cable if you have an hdmi out right? Audio is provided through the HDMI signal of course and it supports 5.1. And with the 3D printed plate to cover the rest off the opening it looks perfect in my eyes.
      And the best part it does almost not need any modification to the Case! Well except trimming a tiny bit off the DVD caddy so it doesn't touch the PCB. The PCB itself does fit into any revision console and is relatively easy to install.
      Any thoughts about the install?

    • By Wouter A
      Since there is no clear tutorial on the web I will submit it! 
      I have made a few plugs from wii2hdmi converters.
      These converters are plenty and cheap, they do not upscale,  unless you buy more expensive wii2hdmi plugs with a hole on the top. 
      To follow this tutorial you need a few items:
      (aftermarket preferred)  av cable
      Wii2hdmi converter
      Thin wire
      A few tools:
      Soldering iron, preferred regulated station. 
      Sharp knife
      Cutting tools for metal (angle grinder is fast) 
      Electrical wire stripper/cutter
      A pocket knife or small screwdriver. 
      I used a chinese av cable, the long and short soldering connections are opposite to original! 
      Just follow the pictures and you will be on hdmi in no-time. 
      Reminder,  the wii2hdmi boards are very sensitive to static electricity,  i have busted a few.

      Cut of the connector. 

      Cut in the sides to release easily. 

      remove plug and open up.

      cut the metal on the black line. 
      bend the pins open as far as possible,  this will sturdy up the connector. 
      remove the hot glue,  on original cables it is a piece of tape. 
      desolder the wires. 

      place the mode selector connections,  use the shortes wire you can,  unshielded is o.k.open up the wii2hdmi and snap off the connector. clean all the contacts
      make the first connection,  it will sturdy fings up,  the lid has the exact size you need. with 2 cables installed, you do not need the spacer anymore. 
      make sure all the cables are as short as possible and don't short out each other! 
      add a piece of insulation tape at both sides. It is wise to test it at this stage,  later on it will be a pain in the a**.
      measure and cut the hole for the metal,  it should slide in without to much hussle. 
      cut the top metal piece at the black line. 
      slide the metal piece in as far as possible.  This will hold the internals in place! 
      solder it at the top and the sides. Your plug will not fall apart if you remove it from the xbox this way. 
      insert the completed converter,  
      push it through as far as possible and solder a wire to the top and bottom,  against the plastic,  this will keep the internals in place and removes stress on the converter. 
      time to test! 
      720x480@60i, the boot screen,  some tv units have problems displaying this throigh hdmi! 
      we have reached 1920x1080@60i, maximum resolution of xbmc,  although I advice to use 720.
      If you miss the options for higher resolution,  make sure the system is set to NTSC,  in pal it is unavailable.  Use enigma video switcher. 
      I will start to sell these adapters in a short while for €45,- due to the work it takes. 
      I have given all the connection types another color and the pin numbers are not the official ones! 
      Any questions?  Be free to ask. 

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