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Mayflash XP Joybox (XBoX To Ps2 Adapter)

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Looking for a Mayflash XP Joybox, XBOX to PS2 adapter.  I’m having a tough time finding one.  There are several PS2  to Xbox adapters, but this was the only one that let you use an Xbox controller on a PS2.  If anyone has one they’d sell at a good price, I’d like to buy it. Please PM me!  Thank you!  



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Don't find anyone with them in stock. They've been discontinued for several years.  Last one I find  that sold on eBay was over 2 years ago for a used one at $18 + 3.75S&H.

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I do not know if it has to be this specific unit, But, I have seen cheap Chinese variants on aliexpress for around $6 + shipping.

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18 hours ago, RatedXxX said:

They allow the Xbox controller to be used on the PS2?  NOT vice versa?  Can you show a pic?

There's a picture of one connected to an Xbox Controller then the PS2 end is connected to what I'm guessing is a PS2 to USB adapter Please login or register to see this link. .

Allows Xbox controller to be used with a PS2, not the other way around.

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