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  1. Evening everyone. Tried to post this on /OriginalXbox and for some reason my post isn't going up even though I've been active in it for sometime now. Anyway here is what I am trying to do: Hey fam! I have a 6 Xboxes. 3 are 1.0 and all have chips. 2 Jafars, one x2.0 pro. Most had issues one way or another and I had the chips lying around anyway. So out of convenience at the time, I installed them. I figure I don't need them in there. I already understand the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I just want the chips for other boxes. Definitely not new to the OG, I've just never swapped mods other than chips. I have TSOP'd before, so bridging points is not a problem. I am just trying to figure out steps. These are my thoughts: Drives are all unlocked (partitioned, formatted, no retail/stock dash), so I am thinking pull the drives, rebuild to stock with FatXplorer, install the drive back in the box, then relock with the modchip still in. Pull the modchip and disconnect d0 Bridge points Boot from exploitable game Use SweetDarkDestiny's TSOP MC Flash Program or his flasher disc Profit? Just looking to see if anyone has done something similar and if this process sounds like it will work? Looking for any and all input other than "don't do it." If I mess up, I still have the chips right?
  2. Most of this is way over my head, but cool to see you two knocking it out together. That was a fun read.
  3. I have a Smartjot Frag laying around. Its an xbox to ps/2 (not ps2) adapter. Used it a lot when I first got my xbox for a mouse and keyboard. Had a hard time migrating to controllers at the time. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  4. You can hotswap modchips to flash them. I flashed an X2.0 Pro that way. Ground d0 so chips are always on. Boot with any working modchip. Put Xblast and your preferred bios on your HDD. Launch xblast, pull the working modchip, put in the 2.6, then flash the new BIOS.
  5. Kekule is a hardware and software developer and is pretty big in this scene. AKA Chimeric Systems.
  6. I just fixed one by hotswapping modchips. Boot with working modchip, load xblast from HDD, swap chips, flash bios from HDD to broken chip. I was successful in doing this with an X2 Pro just a couple weeks ago.
  7. Looks like we figured it out on the FB group. Posting a link to that for future reference for anyone else. Group is private, but if you're in this forum, it should be easy to get in there with a quick and easy survey. https://m.facebook.com/groups/ogxbox/permalink/3130801280523940/
  8. Posted this on the FB page as well: Purchased a used box. Previous owner couldn't get it working so pulled the mod chip out. I can't seem to find the installation manual/wiring diagram for the chip. Checked archives, OGXBOX, reddit, Google, and nothing. It's an Xecuter 2.0 pro. No dip switch/lpt daughter board, but I was able to get the chip working. It has the 2 pin plug tagged to ground, and the other wire, which I am assuming goes to d0, but is also spliced into the controller 1 USB daughter board. It was pulled apart, but splicing it back together boots the chip. I did a couple x3's back in the day and recently did an OpenXenium. I have never had to splice into USB. I am assuming it's for power. But d0 needs to be grounded to boot the chip. Haven't tested with a meter yet, but I feel like it's sloppy and just not right. Hoping one of you fine people can help. Pulling it back apart today to pull the clock cap and clean it up, so I can post pics if needed. *Edit. Pulled apart and added pics. There are two splices, one to add length to the d0, and the one that is spliced to the USB is running to pin 13 (mode 3) on the AV socket and doesn't go to the chip at all. Some kind of trace repair? https://imgur.com/gallery/nASUVhI
  9. OpenXenium is a newer modchip. Has a lot of features similar to a 4th gen Xecuter. Chip supply has made supply short, but they are still being made.

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