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Has Anyone Ever Successfully Gotten a 480p OgXBox Game To Run In 16:9 Widescreen?

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If you check out the wiki list for original Xbox games that support widescreen, you'll see a  shit load of games that supposedly support 16:9 widescreen in proper unstretched aspect ratio, though most at only 480p.  Well, I have a modded Unleash X OGXbox and have never been able to do it, despite fiddling with every setting I can find - from the OGBox's original dash to the display settings in Unleash X.  Nada.  Nothing works.  The few games like that Incredible Hulk one that were released in 720p have no problems with proper 16:9 widescreen but all these others that supposedly support it just don't work.  I even messed with the various aspect ratio & zoom settings on my Vizio 42" E420i-B0 Smart TV and no joy.  Just curious: has anyone here managed to do it?  I can easily live with those black bars on either side it's just that it would be nice to have 16:9 on all 480p games that supposedly support. it.


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Just enable wide screen from the dashboard, and check that your TV is in 16:9 mode.

Note that in wide screen mode the internal resolution is still 640x480 (or 720x480 in some cases), but the viewport is now squished horizontally by 75%. This way it'll return to correct ratio when it gets scaled to the screen.

Also note that in many games the HUD doesn't get the 16:9 treatment, which means that a circular map or speedometer in the corner of the screen will still appear in 'wrong' ratio.

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