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I have a v1.0 with a 250 gig HD and an executer 2.3B lite from way back in the day and still works fine.  I am in the process of getting another box (Halo) with a 2TB HD and ram upgrade.  Is it possible to copy the game saves from my v1.0 250 HD to the 2 TB HD?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes you can, download via FTP all the files in E:\UDATA and E:\TDATA to your PC and upload to the new console.  I'd backup/download any files on the new console's E drive first.


Some game saves may not work as they are locked to the Xbox the game was saved.  Forza Motorsport is such a game; there are more.

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Thanks.  I'll give it a try.  For the games that are locked to a specific Xbox, can't you move those individually via a memory card?  I remember my brother in law and me playing the hell out of Tiger Woods 2004 every Friday night and he would bring his character over on his memory card but it would actually remove it from his Xbox until he brought it back.  Basically not letting you have the same character on 2 boxes. 


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Some may work that way but I thought some like Forza could only be used on the Xbox the game was originally played on.  They can be moved to another console by resigning the save.  Not sure of all the particulars on how to do so.

You could always try copying/moving them with a memory unit.

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