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How Do I Create a Backup of a Softmodded Nulled Hard Drive?

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Hi guys


    I have a softmodded xbox and would like to create a backup hard drive in case the softmodded drive in the console takes a dump! I know that the xbox hard drive is nulled! I also ftp'd the E:\ folder wich contains the eeprom.bin file to my pc for backup. Can I just ftp all the folders in the xbox hard drive to my pc to create a backup of entire drive? (I use filzilla to ftp files)

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Yes, you can FTP all the files from C and E also F and G if you have those setup too.  Not much point as you can build a new HDD without a backup. 

Only thing the backup gets you is your game saves and ripped music.  NULLing allows you to lock a new drive for this Xbox or any other HDDKey NULL'd Xbox (easy drive swapping).

Even without a NULL'ed HDDKey a backup of the EEPROM, eeprom.bin, would work too. Only thing is the HDD could not be installed in any other Xbox without first unlocking and locking to that Xbox using its eeprom.bin backup.

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Thank you Kaos, I appreciate it. I thought I had to install a new hard drive in xbox, then I was told to run a program called xbpartitioner 1.3 to format the new drive. Then, I can ftp all the folders from my xbox source drive hooked up to my pc to the new drive in the xbox. I am not familiar with xbpartitioner 1.3 and I don't know what options to select. It's a new 2tb hard drive I want to format. But I need instructions on what options to select. Can you please give me a tutorial to follow? Also what brand hard drive 2tb should I buy? I heard not all drives can be locked, or unlocked.?!

Thank you again Kaos


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2TB - Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung in order of my preference.  All these SATA HDD's should be lockable.  

Rocky5's updated Please login or register to see this link.  should work to clone your current HDD to a new 2TB SATA HDD with a compatible IDE-to-SATA adapter.

Watch Rocky5's Please login or register to see this link. to learn how to clone your current HDD to a new larger HDD.  The loader has been updated since this video was made.  It now prompts you when to swap the DVD's IDE connector to the SLAVE (destination) HDD.

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