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Found 30 results

  1. Hi All

    Hi all! just joined today, been using the OG for a long time. So glad to find a great forum like this to learn more and possibly help others. . One thing that interests me is finding patches for games that don't work from the hdd. Looking forward to a lot of reading thru these posts.
  2. so 2018 has been a real blow to rom sites, and im wondering what people think about emulation and modding in general for the future. Also are ALL rom sites in danger now? myself being a newbie to mod/emulation it has been a bit off a put off but i would love to hear any words of wisdom or tips for the future , thanks.
  3. MAMEoXtras 2.0 runs just fine but all the MAMEoXtras updated 2018/2019 just reboots my Xbox when executing the .xbe, tried deleting udata/tdata/cache, still the same, what could be the problem?, thanks for any clues.
  4. Hi All

    hi just got back into the xbox scene I've done a few Xboxes over the years. just finished a new one, tried the hdd swap technique using a chipped xbox and a soft mod xbox and using config magic this one went very well and worked like a charm took me all day on my first attempt but 90 percent of my time was wasted using ftp, somehow my network card had reverted to 10mbs and after finally realising this was the problem a simple setting change and the transfer went 10 times as fast..
  5. Hi All

    just joined the forum i'm an oldie and not so good at this stuff now, used to be ok but that was a long time ago
  6. Hi All

    Hi All Ive just joined this forum - xbox forever Well the sad part is that my old modded xbox hangs on error 16. So I have to replace HD(I/O error when plugged into ubuntubox). Kindly Quxen
  7. This is a all in one picture pack i made there is some extras but there is alot of consoles and controllers and lots of other pictures so enjoy https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dXnh3BJf54a3AfQYTHE1BrA4LO0uKpel
  8. Hi All

    Hello everyone. New to the forums. Came across a link for the Hexen 2018 download, and looks like I have to make 3 posts before I'm able to actually download anything here. Which, personally I find kind of funny since the intention is good, yes, to promote activity within the community. However, I feel that it is just asking for spam. Either way, that's neither really here nor there. I'm getting back into the original xbox modding scene, after having picked up a Halo edition xbox (1.4 mobo, luckily the clock cap hasn't exploded yet), which I'm looking to TSOP flash as well as maybe do some case mods. I know, it seems almost a "sin" to damage a perfect special edition xbox, but I haven't had a functioning Xbox console in years.
  9. You Probably Get This All the Time

    i shouldnt have to make posts to download something but whatever. so this is 1 post i guess
  10. Hi All

    Hi, over the past 2 years I have been rebuilding my collection of retro consoles. Recently, I have made my way back to Xbox, and I found this website in my search for others still interested in modding and playing games on the original microsoft machine. I was in high school when the xbox originally debuted, and I spent many nights playing Halo 2 on xbox live with my friends. I was also one of the original beta testers for xbox live. I still have the original xbox live beta discs MS sent me including the beta Re-Volt game they had us used to test the network and a special clear orange memory card. Anyway, I hope I can add to the discussion here and learn from you as well. Thanks.
  11. Here is one huge pack of all of the other packs I have put together so enjoy. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KnHcdd2G6e3oSV8LFHNhY9sKwnxleOM5
  12. Hi All My user name SS_Dave reflects the car I had at the time I was thinking of a nick name and my name. I have been doing basic repairs and mods to the original Xbox's since their release and at one stage I would get at least 1 or 2 Xbox’s a week to be modded and or upgraded HDD fitted in my spare room. I would get machine’s that owners had tried to mod to get going as a lot of other modders would not touch a already opened box and I would have a 95% success rate of getting it running again. I did get a lot of untouched boxes as well. I also used to keep some Hdd's in stock (In the beginning 120gig was the most common due to the cost) for upgrades as well the owner didn’t have to wait for a delivery from interstate computer parts suppliers. Dr Google lead me here while looking for Xbox info and I hope to be able to help others in their quest to get there original Xbox's up and running. Cheers SS_Dave
  13. Hi All

    Hi All, My name's Ian. Just found this forum--glad to see there are still people working to keep the original xbox community alive. Thanks to everyone contributing for all the hard work!
  14. Hello All

    Fantastic to find this group! I have a modded 1.6 crystal xbox with a a 300Gb (BIG in the day) HDD.) The drive has eaten itself and I am keen to get back to messing with hardware and upgrading to the latest emulators etc. Thanks for maintaining this excellent resource and look forward to helping out whenever I can. RobbyTR
  15. Hi All

    just getting back into og xbox stuff..thanks for having me
  16. Just posting as a newcomer, need a couple more for that Hexen download! So much much good info.
  17. New XBox Psu for All Versions

  18. Hi All

    Hi guys, just signed up and getting my OG XBOX modding adventure underway!
  19. Hola fellow modders, Name is Eusebio14 and Im here to absord all the info I can like a sponge, mod xboxes and share the love. been on a few other sites and found this one on ISO Zone when I noticed the Hexen download had a recent update. Well wishes to every traveler on this path
  20. Hi All

    Hi all, Awesome forum. I am a huge gamer and also a fan of xbox
  21. Hello All

    Very glad to be here. Rediscovering the OG Xbox after many years. Used to have a couple, one modchipped and the other softmodded. I forgot how great they were. Picked up a very nice condition 1.2 Xbox and recently and have now softmodded, TSOPed and flashed the bios so converted to a hardmod. Currently waiting on an IDE cable so that I can replace the tiny hard drive so I'll take the opportunity to explorethe forum and see what the latest developments are.
  22. So I was using DVD2XBXOX to copy over Burger King Sneak King to my HDD. It sounded like my DVD Drive was searching frantically for the data to copy over. After what seemed like maybe 10 minutes it began copying and remained at 1% for another 10 minutes. Then the console rebooted. Immediately I was like 'WTF, that was odd." I ejected the disc and went to my games folder and they were all gone! Booting XBpartitioner 1.3 shows a big green ER on my F partition. No games show in any dash I use but when in XBpartitioner 1.3 it shows the the data is used. I'm at a loss here, folks, I'm considering taking out the HDD and formatting it but if it's an easy fix... What should I do? [Edit] I just reformated partitions F and G to make one big F partition.
  23. Hi To All

    Hello, I am a Spanish enthusiast of the xbox. I've been messing with them since 2003 and I hope to continue doing it for many more years. I hope the translation is not too ridiculous. Regards
  24. Hi All

    Hi All, Khalid here. Been a long time fan of the xbox mod scene. Used to mod them for myself and friends back in 2000. For the last few years was just using it as a media player but recently dived into the scene again and am trying to create a retro gaming machine out of my 15 year old console :). Happy to see the scene is still alive. Xbox-scene going down was a big loss. Hope this new site becomes the new go to source for xbox related info :).
  25. I made a modded version (details soon) of the Xecuter 3 bios to theoretically boot on all chips (it was tested on a 1.0/1.1 TSOP, SmartXX and Xenium chip). It is 1024k bios so you can't flash it on a 1.2-1.4 tsop. (Config Live won't work because most if not all except x3 chips don't have a dedicated EEPRom) Warning: This modded version hasn't been tested on every modchip so don't try to flash it, if you have no way to recover as it might could brick your chip. Download: https://goo.gl/bJy9g1 Thanks to xbox7887 for testing it on his Xenium Box and 1.0/1.1 TSOP. (Basically just a repost from my Reddit post)

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