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  1. Soft Reset Troubles?

    There is a problem with reset on some SATA adaptors and Evox M8/M8+ bioses. The only solution I found is to change bios or change SATA adaptor.
  2. How To Install an Aladdin XT Plus 2 Modchip in a 1.6 Xbox

    I always remove 6th pin of the pinheader for 1.6 Xboxes. They have 5V active in standby. If you leave this pin, Aladdin's LED will light all the time when console is plugged in. I think it's annoying. I also never ground D0, it's better to solder it to modchip's D0 point. When modchip fails, with grounded D0 console will FRAG, whereas with D0 soldered to modchip, console will boot from motherboard's bios.

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