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  1. Questions or Issues.

    So totally depends on what you do with your XBox. I have several, all with different tasks and with that different sized drives. One has every one of my games saved to the drive, no neec to bother getting the disks out. It also has my emulators and all the roms and disks for them. Its drive is full and I could add more to it. I have one that plays media and had loads of dvds on it, it has two 320gb drives. I have several with rather small drives just bigger than the factory 10gb and a couple with 10gb drives. With most people here it really boils down to something like above or just that because you can. Its the same reason I mess with 30 year old Amigas, getting them to do stuff that was eaither physically imposible or astronomically expensive back in 1989.
  2. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    Should be easy enough to fit it and a de-cased receiver inside, that’s the way I’m going to go. the less messy wires the better imo
  3. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    For an internal version you could just attach the usb’s Directly to the controller header cables, this would render the ports obsolete but who cares when you have wireless controllers. I intend to do it to two and leave the others factory, I never play with more than two players, that way anything funky or DVD dongle etc can still get plugged in.
  4. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    I have one of the Logitech controllers, and while I like the feel of it, you cant get away from the fact that they are no longer made and dont seem to have ever been made in high quantities, and sell for silly money, on the likes of eVilBay. much better to have an actual Xbox 360 one that was mass produced to the point where they can now be picked up cheap at second hand stores for next to nothing as nobody wants one. Ironically they were made by Logitech. Im interested in one of these boards. Im thinking one of those inside an OG with two controllers, is a winner
  5. Managing Cooling

    My ones that I have checked all seem to fit between 40 and 60 on idle. Seems to be the norm. I wonder if water cooling would be any better.
  6. Slim Mod In Progress

    Those Pico psu's are so great in mods both PC and Xbox. Before they became mainstream afordable I was using busted Xbox 360 psu s, gutting them and putting OGXbox PSU's inside. Now you dont neec to and the results are so much cleaner. PS I love the flag, because its on top of the General Lee and my old Evil Kanevel toy.
  7. Sata/Ide Adapter

    Nice, looks like I might have to get printing some of these. Seeing as Pata drives are like hens teeth with any decent capacity and, usually used and over priced, its Sata for the win IMO.
  8. 40pin 80 Wire Ide Cable

    I have in the past used rounded cables, both home made and shop bought. Its tight but you can get them in with the case closed. I bought a few a year or so ago from a retail shop who wanted rid of this old stock that he was thinking of putting in the trash. £1 each..... Bargain.
  9. Hi All

    Yes this is the best place for OG Xbox, everyone here is still modding the ole boxs and still will years from now.
  10. Hi All

    Hey welcome aboard.
  11. Good luck with your adventures. Plenty of like mindec people on here, and plenty of help if you need it.
  12. V1.0 Dvd Drive Madness - Only Thomson Works?

    I too have had this sillyness, I have kept the one drive i have that works in everything as my go to drive for tsoping my boards.
  13. Sata/Ide Adapter

    The latest version of the Hexen disk has cloning software on it to do this and a bunch of other stuff. The process is not to taxng it just takes a while. You take the dvd out and use a molex splitter to power the HD, run the software and then just sit back and wait, make a coffee and it may be ready after drinking it.
  14. Questions or Issues.

    That’s an IBM drive. To my knowledge they didn’t build drives with vendor locked. Firmware, well not while I worked for them, so I think this is looking like just one of those bad incidents. This time our you may be granted better luck.
  15. Questions or Issues.

    Just a thought, where did the new drive come from, reason is if you pulled it from a Branded pc, some of the manufacturers have been know to put "special" firmware on the drives, which locks the computer owner to staying with them when upgrading the HDrive giving them an unsupported hardware error. HP, Compaq, and Fujitsu have played this game I recall that Sony may have dabbled as well. Normally upgrading the drives firmware to the latest vanila version from the manufacturer fixes things. Normally these drives work fine when not in the intended PC but in the past Ive seen some odd behaviour using them in other PCs , ghosted partitions that can be deleted but show up when partitioning the drive and formatting issues when installing Windoze or Linux, dosent seem to be a problem when the drive is not being used as the boot drive.

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