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  1. Super Monkey Ball (Solved)

    Finally, Downloaded the whole version 1 game . Now it also works for me on my pal machine in ntsc video mode. After applying patch.
  2. Super Monkey Ball (Solved)

    Just checked your xbe, and it freezes/crashes on my setup. And when i look at your default.xbe i get this information: Titlename:SuperMonkeyBallDX TitleID: 53450038 Mediatypes:: 000002FF Gameregion: 01 (north america) Version: 01 I also did a binary compare of the default.xbe files and they dont match. I will have to download the complete ntsc version to get this working.
  3. Deleting Dashupdate.Xbe

    Thanks for the input. I have read that dashupdate.xbe can possibly destroy your softmod. The downloader.xbe and update.xbe are supposed to be used with xbox live.
  4. I got a little question. Many of the games on my hdd has a dashupdate.xbe file in the root folder of the game. It is 58 mb in size. I wonder if it is needed for the game to operate at all, and if it is safe to delete this files to gain more space.
  5. Super Monkey Ball (Solved)

    What xbe info do you have on your default.xbe ? The ppf.exe gives me a patchvalidation error.
  6. Super Monkey Ball (Solved)

    I did some extra investigation, and there is indeed a ppf patch you can apply on the default.xbe that fixes the ntsc version of the game to work on pal xbox. You can find it on xbox-hq I haven't tried it myself yet. but i plan to do so when i get the time.
  7. Super Monkey Ball (Solved)

    Changing video mode to PAL works here. Case solved.
  8. Super Monkey Ball (Solved)

    Firstly try to clear the cache on your xbox. Secondly, try to figure out of if the game is pal or ntsc. Maybe it helps switching back to pal. Lastly I wonder where what is the origin of the game you have on your hdd ? Is it ripped form your own DVD ? Or is it downloaded from a obscure internet site. Just checked my version. And I have the same bug as you. Titlename:SuperMonkeyBallDX TitleID: 53450038 Mediatypes:: c00001FF Gameregion: 07 Version: 02
  9. Cloning an XBox Hdd With a Dual Sata Dock?

    So I got my Startech SATDOCK2REU3 this xmas, I also bought the SAT2IDEADP adapter that allows me to connect IDE hdd's. And the result is just excellent. It cloned a 2TB xbox hdd for me and the whole process took 5-6 hours. My old system was a v1.6 xbox with 2TB and a DUOX2 chip running a Evox bios. My new cloned hdd is now running on a v1.2 xbox with 128 mb ram and a TSOP using the ind-5004 bios. The HDD i use are Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006 7200 rpm and Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM005 5400 rpm. Later I used the sat2ideadp to make a bootable 160 gb PS2 HDD with FHDB. I can definitely recommend this product to others if you like to do the same.
  10. Sata/Ide Adapter

    I had similar corrosion on one of my chinese adapters. So for my new 2TB setup i bought the Startech (ide2sat2). It costs extra and comes with a 2 years warranty.
  11. My Current Stuff for Sale

    Got my 128mb 1ghz from n64freak the other day. I am very pleased. Thanks man!
  12. Tsop & 2tb Hdd Takes 1 Minute To Boot

    \o/ Cable select. That was the problem. Works like a charm now. :-D
  13. Tsop & 2tb Hdd Takes 1 Minute To Boot

    Nope, its set to master.
  14. Tsop & 2tb Hdd Takes 1 Minute To Boot

    @John.. i dont think the hdd itself is the problem. After i tested it on the chipped xbox i am pretty sure it is a 100% 1:1 clone. I just found out the dvd-rom is not working at all with the 80 ribbon cable and 2tb. Cannot read any disks, dvd-r dvd+r or original xbox games. So i switched back to 40 ribbon and 160 gb hdd and now the dvd rom is working fine again.
  15. Tsop & 2tb Hdd Takes 1 Minute To Boot

    If i start up my xbox by pressing the eject button it boots all the way to the dashboard (xbmc4gamers) within 30 seconds.

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