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Reccomended cable for non-Startech adapters?


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I was browsing eBay to buy a cable as suggested, as prices of Startech are way too high for me and I have already a cheap adapter (green one, that seems to make the HDD run and "buzz" as usual, red led turns on, but no identification of HDD by SlayerEvox installer... that just pretends to format and install in some seconds all the contents then says "Done" but actually not).
What "magic words" (meaning requirements) should be checked to find the right one ? For example, are this or this ok? What makes them different from the original Xbox cable (just a curiosity) ?

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There's no difference in the type of cable you need for a Startech or non-Startech IDE-to-SATA adapter.

On 1/13/2023 at 4:45 AM, technoob said:

For example, are this or this ok? What makes them different from the original Xbox cable (just a curiosity) ?

The left two cables shown in the first linked listing are no good.  They are standard 33MB/s low-speed 40-wire 40-pin IDE cables.  The ASUS cable is an 80-wire 40-pin high-speed IDE cable.  However, it is most likely too short as is the 80-wire 40-pin IDE cable in the second linked listing.

You need an 80-wire 40-pin 24"/60 cm long high-speed IDE cable.

IDE-to-SATA Adapter Options

I would say your cheap adapter is the problem.  Get a better adapter - Startech or Delock - or several more of the cheap one in hopes that at least one of them works. 

  1. Check the price of a DeLock 62510 adapter.  It is the same adapter as the Startech IDE2SAT2.
  2. You may be able to fix your cheap adapter by replacing the 2 electrolytic capacitors on it and verifying that the SATA and IDE connector pins are soldered properly.
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