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    • By Crossfader
      Hello OGX Users,
      i am am an old Xbox Classic User. I am from Germany, i have a passion for Xbox gaming and Software modding.
      I play around with some Raspberrys and Betocera, Nintendo Switch and Retroarch.
      These days i found a Post with Rocky5`s Emustation and the Xbox Fever is back 🙂
      Hope to have good Days in this Forum.
    • By Fixified
      Hello everyone!

      I'm a new member from Norway who's looking to get back into the XBOX Community.
      Had to sell off my collection due to moving abroad, but have now moved back and realized my mistake.

      Currently buying a few xboxes, and looking to do some modding.
      Haven't soldered anything in years, but have watched a bunch of videos lately on xbox mods.

      If anyone has any recommendations on what Solder or Flux to use, I'd gladly take all the help I can get!
      Locally it seems as if I can only get lead free solder.
      I'm purchasing a Dibotech zd 8936 soldering station locally, and I'll be ordering some 30 AWG Solid core wire off eBay.

      I'm glad to be back, and looking forward to being a part of this forum!
    • By bulkchart32
      i had ordered a lpc rebuild board and it got here today. turns out the one i ordered is too small to fit a pin header in so i'd have to solder the chip directly to the board for this rebuild board to work. i don't want to order another one so i am strongly considering just using the wire method to rebuild the lpc. problem is that i really dislike the kind of fine soldering that i'd have to do if i use this method. any tips on how to do the wire method the easiest way?

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