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XBox Disks On a Samsung Drive

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Hey everyone I have a quick question. I have an original xbox version 1.1 with unleash X but not tsop flashed yet or a different hard drive. Which blank DVDS work with the Samsung drive that I can buy? I'm trying to burn HeXen on a disk and I was looking at one called the Verbatim CD-RW 700MB 2X-12X. Would that one work?

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I just had to replace my dead philips drive and replaced it with a samsung. So far it's been able to read the two DVD-R types I own; Memorex and Verbatim. I usually burn at the lowest speed to ensure the lower quality discs I use have the best chance of working. I know this is an old thread, but you never know when someone will want to know if a specific brand DVD-R works, even if most/all should work on certain drives.

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    • By stoo
      Got a 1.6 crystal in pretty great condition here with one serious problem - DVD drive (SDG-605) is dead, error 12.
      Tried swapping a known working DVD drive in and using exactly the same power+IDE cable+HDD it successfully boots to dash so it's definitely the SDG-605 causing the error.
      If anyone has any working DVD drives they are willing to part with, especially if they're in the UK, that would be great.
      Otherwise, it's going to be the eBay lottery, and I'm not feeling lucky. 🦖
    • By Mave_rick
      Hi there, 
      Noob that just join this community for some solid advice/direction for my upgrade,  
      I have a working 1.6A xbox with a Super Aladdin Live modchip running XBMC on a 80 Gb IDE HDD
      My aim is to upgrade the HDD to a 500 Gb Sata HDD (I know I could go bigger) and also upgrade to Rocky 5 instead.... 
      I currently have:
      - The 80 wire/40 pin IDE cable (ATA 100/133)
      - IDE to Sata converter 
      - 500Gb Sata HDD
      What are my options? Do I have to hot swap the HDD with the disk drive with a program running on the xbox ?  
      Thanks in advance for any help or links for guides/programs to help me !! 
    • By Yanimo
      So I have 2 IDE HDD's that are dead now. my xbox is soft modded with hexen 1.0 I think? two instances that I cloned my original xbox with softmod unto a new hdd that is xbox compatible and locking features is available, at first it was running smoothly then after some time the HDD just dies and outputs an error 07 after rebooting checked the hdd and was not spinning is my xbox killing my HDD's?

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