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  1. Well I think I just answered my own question. Downloaded dumps from a couple of other sources, and found one that was fairly larger, and upon checking the files found the multiple missing audio files. So it seems a few games out there have a bunch of reuploads that are just flat out missing files. Doesn't surprise me, but I guess for next time if I encounter the problem I'll check a bunch of sources
  2. So I've started getting back into using my modded xbox. I've noticed a couple of my dumped titles missing bits of audio. The main one I verified was that for Blinx 2 it's missing the audio for the main menu. Unfortunately no longer have my xbox discs readily available (buried in storage), and I've tried getting dumps from online but the same problem. Main menu music is just not there. I could swear it used to play there. Recently updated to ind-bios 5004, though the problem was there before that update. Also upgraded to a SATA 1TB drive. Wondering if all the dumps I previously create/d
  3. I just had to replace my dead philips drive and replaced it with a samsung. So far it's been able to read the two DVD-R types I own; Memorex and Verbatim. I usually burn at the lowest speed to ensure the lower quality discs I use have the best chance of working. I know this is an old thread, but you never know when someone will want to know if a specific brand DVD-R works, even if most/all should work on certain drives.
  4. Okay NVM, my disc drive just officially gave up a mere 13 minutes after posting this. Now the disc drive just kinda doesn't detect a disc, and just ejects itself whenever it pleases. Weird, guess I'll be picking up replacement drive.
  5. So I'm having a bit of a problem and haven't been able to find a solution. The disc drive is able to read discs. It can see that the disc is a game, and I can open up the disc in file manager to view it's contents. But when I try to load the game, it absolutely refuses to load. Tried burned discs on a couple different DVD-R vendors, and even original game discs. It's a phillips disc drive. It could be the drive going bad, but then I wouldn't think it would be able to read the disc as a game and view the contents of it. I guess for some additional information, current have ind-bios 500
  6. xplorer360 "works", but is painfully slow, even compared to transferring over ftp. Also seemed to give me problems doing any kind of folder injection. Single files worked, but inject a whole folder would go through the process and then end up with no files on the drive. Couldn't get Party Buffalo to detect it either, even though I've read that it should support it. Hoping fatxplorer adds it soon, as it would make my life so much easier when I need to either add games or throw the drive into the computer to repair something I broke.
  7. It should work as long as you can either unlock and relock the drive. Or if you have a hardmod like I do then it's as simple as just plugging it into the computer as the drive can stay unlocked. Though unless your computer has hotswap sata ports you'll obviously want to shut down the PC before plugging it in.
  8. Now that's cool. Any specific guide on how to achieve something like this?
  9. So about 7 years ago in high school, a friend and I got my old xbox modded up and running. I wasn't able to do much for it in terms of upgrades as I had no job. Over time it ended up getting put in the closet as newer consoles came out. Decided to bring it back out after years of collecting dust to update it, upgrade it, and then play it. I mainly did so to do a retrospective video on the Xbox. The main upgrades currently were to repaste the CPU/GPU, and then getting a large capacity drive for game storage. Although gaming is my main hobby, I have many other hobbies, plenty of which
  10. Thanks! I'll be looking through them to see if there's anything I like.
  11. Decided to finally dust my old xbox off, update mods and tools and get back into playing a lot of my childhood games. Started off with Blinx 2. I really love the Blinx games.
  12. Used to have a bunch of different skins, but ended up losing them when my old drive gave up. Luckily I have ind-bios so it was fairly easy to re-create a new one. Fell out of the OG xbox scene for a while as life got busy, and found a bunch of my old sources for everything were gone. So now I'm on the search to find where to get everything again. Glad to see all the helpful replies here!

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