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Can I Hardmod Softmoded Xbox ?

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I'd suggest watching this youtube video from slot one gamer

. It explains how to check what version xbox you have and what TSOP type you have as well. I'd suggest using conductive paint that psnap777 suggested in another post for v1.4 version motherboards (should work with v1.2-v1.5 as they have similar layouts I think, watch the video to be sure). instead of soldering the bridge points. I did and it was easy.(I'm not so skilled at soldering tiny pads)

Make sure you identify the TSOP type before flashing. 

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Clarification of why I used conductive paint.
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I contemplated the conductive paint approach...but realized I have around 35-40 different "retro" comps and consoles I need to get to town on so I bought a "usb microscope" readily available on ebay, Best £15 spent. Resolution is ok, lags about 1/5th of a second. For soldering iron I'd suggest one with temp control because I set mine at 350C and almost fried everything. Those joints are tiny so start of with 230C, use flux.

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