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Recommended caps for a V1.6 XBox


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Hi, I have a 1.6 XBox with the 5 caps near the power supply bulging a bit, now I want to replace them but I don't know which caps to get.
I am currently looking at this set: https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FK0J332L/9921194?s=N4IgjCBcoEwKwyqAxlAZgQwDYGcCmANCAPZQDaIMALDAJwAMVIAukQA4AuUIAyhwE4BLAHYBzEAF8iAdnhIQqSJlyES5SmADMjCKxCdufIWMlEYjWvMXL8RUpAqbt9AAQBWgGIt2XSCACqwoIcAPJoALJ4GDgArvx4ppT00pbQCujYtmoOIABsAHSaLgBq3vq%2BAUGhEVGx8YkAtBBp1pmq9hRg9CwSvUA


Are these good quality ones that will work no problem on the XBox? 

Sorry if this has been asked for 1000 times but I've not been able to find a post that has exact cap specifications because I don't want anything to go wrong. 



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36 minutes ago, KaosEngineer said:

I suggest these, EEU-FS0J332B Panasonic Electronic Components | Capacitors | DigiKey, with a 10,000 Hour lifetime rating instead of 4000 hours.  And, they are less expensive.

I prefer the EEU-FR0J332LB with a lower ESR (impedance) and higher ripple current rating; however, they have 0 in stock.

Thanks, maybe I can update this post to have it as a quick access list for any future people looking to buy caps for their XBox

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