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OG modder from Xecuter days


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Hey there guys. I'm an og modder from the xecuter days and am looking to get back in the scene again. When I was in high school in 04, i started looking into xbox modding and discovered how awesome this console was. I was in the team-xecuter forums and a couple others I can't remember and posted frequently. I got my first xbox in december of 04 and installed an xecuter 3, an x3 control panel and a 250gb hard drive. The first time I saw the flashbios screen and flashed via http is literally one of the happiest memories of my life. I believe i used slayer's 2.4 installer. I put blue leds in the controller ports, an 80mm blue cathode ring under/around the jewel and blue leds in the clear controller dongles. It was a masterpiece and I was one stoked teenager. I modded other boxes in a similar fashion for friends and a few random people who became friends as a result. Sadly this xbox got stolen in 2008 and i never saw it again. This causes me pain to this day. I found an xecuter 3 box on ebay with a control panel and plan to make it just like my old one plus a few extra mods like the makemhz hdmi, extra ram and the 1.4ghz processor with the help of an interposer from n64freak, if he has any left. I know kekule is working on one as well as an xecuter 3 clone that i hope to help him finish and get into production over the next year or so. I've yet to meet the guy, so I may be getting ahead of myself, but I am hopeful!

The xbox modding scene is one of my greatest pleasures and joys. Few things make me happier. If my plans come to fruition, I hope to become somebody in this community that everybody is familiar with and can rely on for anything. I also hope to gain some knowledge from other people here that will help me in my future endeavors. That would be pretty cool.

SS Dave, you post everywhere and you are the man. N64freak, I fucking worship you and hope to be as skilled as you are pretty damn soon.

Happy new year, guys.

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