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Artwork Installer doesn't see subfolders anymore

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Hello I don't know if it's better to post here or in Software / Apps, I'll try here.

So I use XMBC4Gamers, and my collection of games uses subfolders for genre, because I don't like navigating a flat list of 700+ games...

In the past the Artwork Installer Script worked fine and managed to find artwork and install them for my games in subfolders (i.e. for instance F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide)

I updated to latest XBMX4Gamers and Artwork Installer (installed the app now) and this doesn't seem to work anymore.

When searching automatically with both the App and the Script, missing artwork is not found for games in my subfolder

When adding artwork manually with the App, I get an explicit error when browsing to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\ telling me this not a valid game folder without beeing able to go to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide

Is there anything I can do ? I thought about moving the game folder temporarily i.e. F:\Games\Xyanide, install their artwork that way then move them back to  F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide\Xyanide, will it work that way and the artwork be displyed for the game or not ?

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Never been that way. 

you will need to add your paths to the artwork installers settings.xml

that file is located where you installed the artwork installer app. 

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