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Aliddan Xt Chip Install

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11 hours ago, mattison1986 said:

I replaced the front panel board for one I knew worked and same results. I also looked at the motherboard and the traces look good. Over all this is one of the cleanest I've picked up inside and out. Anyone know what the shut down might be about? It does power on soon as the console is plugged in without pressing the power button and after a few minutes it shuts down. Please help.

Instant power on when AC power is connected is a clear indication of a damaged power signal trace. (The outermost trace on the bottom of the motherboard.)  With AC power disconnected, measure the continuity of the trace from the small via shown in the pictures at the diy.sickmods.net Wayback Machine capture previously linked to the PIC processor.  Check continuity of the matching color coded signals in the image that matches your Xbox version for the power and eject control lines.

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Board Life Status

Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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