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Screws for Dvd


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The important thing is the thread pitch and diameter and that I do no know.

By luck I have my one Thomson drive out at the moment and I've looked at those screws and indeed they do appear to be an obscure type.

This is what I can say for sure: they have a Torx 10 rounded head of some sort. I do not have a screw pitch gauge but using a steel rule the screw thread length appears to be 3/16 on an inch, approximately 5mm.

They are not M3 (metric) and they are also not 6-32 (UNC) the two commonest screw thread types used in PCs and similar equipment. I know because I've tested the screw holes with both types and the diameter is to big.

Also I'm fairly sure they're not the other common (UNC) type: 4-40 either. The diameter could be correct but I have MB standoffs which I think are 4-40 and they do look to have a similar thread diameter. However the thread pitch is definitely not the same. They do not fit and looking at the pitch under a x8 lupe the 4-40 thread is much finer. The Thomson screws are clearly coarser pitch.

They may be either M2.5 or M2 course pitch or some UNC equivalent but that is pure speculation.

Sorry I can not be more help. 








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