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Aladdin XT + Lpc Rebuild Help


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Hi everyone

Yesterday I ran into an issue with my install - I have a 1.6 Xbox so I picked up an Aladdin XT and a rebuild board to make the job easier. Should be easy right? - apparently not as I stuffed it up. Basically I made the mistake of following a video where the rebuild board had a much larger space around the pins which allowed for quite a bit of solder to be flowed onto them - I followed those instructions and when I went to put my board on it didn't sit flush. So for whatever reason I decided to solder it in and see what happened.

Naturally, it didn't work so I with armed with a lot of patience and a desoldering wick I managed to remove it without destroying any pads or traces - but I have another problem. I didn't remove the unnecessary pin headers for my 1.6 - will the chip still work? and do I need to solder all of the pins to the rebuild board (I'm confused about the plating corresponding to each of the pins) as I'm not sure if I can remove them as you can see from the image the solder has gone directly into the through hole and I don't have the means of removing it.

Sorry if this is stupid but I barely managed to get the header off of the board (thankfully I ordered extras) I don't want to have to desolder another one of these.


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Don’t worry about trying to remove the extra pins just make sure that you put the Aladdin on the pins at the front of the board (controller port end). I am sure there are pretty good install instructions in a forum on this site.

Read this thread for info 


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1 hour ago, Listai said:

Thanks - although in my instance I have the rebuild board so I won’t need to run the wires. Do I need to solder in all of the pins to the rebuild board or just those in the wiring diagram?

Just the ones in the diagram, in the thread MrMajst3r pulls one of the pins out so that the LED is not constantly on. Also if you solder the D0 to the chip and not ground on the board if the chip fails the board should still boot the stock bios.

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You should remove pin 4 and pin 6 and now that you have fitted the pin header I would cut them off with side cutters or bend them back and forwards  until they snap off

The pin 6 is a 5 volt supply and it will keep the aladdin modchip led on all the time.




If you getting stuck post some pics of your work.




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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