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Black Screen When Booting 007: Everything or Nothing


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Hello, I am new here so apologies if I'm posting this on the wrong forum.  I am currently running a v1.6 Xbox with Rocky5's Softmod (v1.1.7) and XBMC4Gamers and am met with a black screen when booting the game 007: Everything or Nothing from my HDD while using component cables.  My legitimate NTSC copy of the game was ripped to my HDD via dvd2xbox (with ACL processing enabled) and I have enabled Force Progressive video mode via the NKPatcher settings (followed by a reboot).  I have attempted to boot the game while the following resolutions have been enabled on my console:

  • 480p (y) 720 (y) 1080i (n)
  • 480p (y) 720 (y) 1080i (y)

However, neither of these configurations seems to result in the game displaying properly.

If anyone has any troubleshooting ideas, I would be greatly appreciative.  Thank you.

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Thank you for your support.  I actually tried to boot the game from the original disc and it does work without any issue so I'm thinking that the issue may be unrelated to resolution and may be related to launching the game from the HDD.  I confirmed that the proper ACL file provided with dvd2xbox was used to patch the xbe files (this game has 2 xbe files) and have even opened the patched xbe files and confirmed that the proper hex values were used to indicate that the game can run from the HDD (and not strictly the DVD drive as the original xbe specified).  Additionally, the region associated with each of the xbe files seems to be correct.

I am out of ideas at the moment but was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue with 007 Everything or Nothing or any other game.

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Hey Mr Radio. I'm having exactly the same issue as you were with Everything or Nothing but I'm struggling to find the patch (a few links I've found have all been dead). Could you let me know where you turned it up (and, if you'd be so kind, exactly what I need to do to install it)? I'd love to be able to run this game direct from the hard drive rather than the disc. Thanks!

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