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  1. Hey Guys I'm looking to upgrade my HDD on my xbox to a 2TB. So I wanted to find out what my best option would be. I'm looking at buying Western Digital Blue 2TB (5400RPM) - Very good price Western Digital Purple 2TB (5400RPM) - Only a little more expensive than the Blue but has better reliability over longer periods as it is a surveillance drive, or Western Digital Black 2TB (7200RPM) - Much more expensive than the Blue, however I'm not sure my loading times will be worth the cost? Thanks in advance
  2. You can perhaps use rocky5 softmod, then null you hdd key on every console. That should make the hdd interchangeable as they'll have the same nulled key.
  3. Falcon639

    FatX Woes

    What method are you using to connect the hdd to your PC. Also once the drive is connected, try rescanning the disks. I got the softmod idea from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbSb7BFRQNo
  4. Falcon639

    FatX Woes

    What you can also do, is disconnect the dvd drive from the Xbox, then boot it up. This should unlock the hdd. Next disconnect the hdd ide cable and connect the hdd to your pc either via ide to USB adaptor or directly into the pc using the ide cable. Once your pc detects the hdd, run xplorer360 and drop the save files into the correct save file folder. Next reconnect the hdd to the Xbox ide cable and reconnect the disc drive. Restart the Xbox, the saves should appear in the save folder. Note: the Xbox must remain powered the entire time, so make sure the video cables are connected. Hope this helps.
  5. That could mean a dead xbox, did the seller test it before you received it? Whats happening to your xbox is called Frag'ing (Flashing red and green). Hope this helps.
  6. Hey do you perhaps know where to copy your artwork for games. I have the games artwork pack but know idea where to put them on my xbox
  7. A hard modded xbox should load up those drives, then you can go to system setting and unlock them.
  8. its not possible. You will have to install a 220v PSU v1.0. You can maybe get it online or from a dead xbox. To my understanding the 1.0 and 1.1 use the same PSU.
  9. If you can put those hard drives in a modded xbox, then unlock them. You can use HDD raw copy tool to clone them.
  10. Hi Guys Ive been messing around with xbmc4gamers and found it to be quite cool. I downloaded the artwork for NTSC games but have no idea where to put the artwork folder. Can anyone assist me on the location on the xbox where the artwork folder is dropped? Thanks in advance
  11. Yes it mounts perfectly. I have used it in my personal xbox and have had great success. The bracket will fit any 2.5inch drive.
  12. I used this mounting bracket for my ssd, works like a charm, lines the ssd up perfectly for the IDE to Sata adaptor. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0090UG55A/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_4?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  13. Ok that makes a lot of sense. So say I were to remove the mod chip temporarily and put the stock hdd in. Then run Rocky5 softmod, then re-enable to mod chip and put back the newer HDD. I know hardmod and softmod dont play together but do you think in this particular instance it will work?
  14. It's possible but the Enter the matrix version I got is the NTSC one. Ill try change the settings though.
  15. Hi Guys So I have a 1.6 xbox NTSC-J xbox running an aladin chip. So if I just press the power button gently it will load the stock bios with the modchip disabled. If I hold it in for about a second, it'll load the mod chip which is running unleash X. So what I'd like to do is load a different dash board when I run the stock bios as its pretty useless considering its NTSC-J. My question is, is it possible to simply replace the MS dash board ".xbe" file with a shortcut to another dash board like XBMC4Gamers. If this is possible, what is the file that the stock xbox bios loads to get to the dashboard?

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