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XBox 1.6 Psu Turns On for a Short Time, Then Nothing.

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Hey guys, I'm trying to find the problem of this Delta psu, it's a us 110v psu. I turn it on, and after some time the console turns off.

If I try to turn it on again, it does, but it turns off in a shorter time. It goes like this until it doesn't turn on anymore. If I unplug it and wait some time, it goes back to working until it decides to turn off again. I've checked all caps and all seems to be in working condition.


This psu has been repaired before by someone else before I got my hands on it, the fuse has been replaced and the old varistor left some black fumes around it. There isn't any visible damage on the components.


Any tips?


I just noticed I created the thread in the wrong section. Sorry about that

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Are the caps near the 20 pin power connector on the main board in good condition?

Maybe post some pic's of the power supply and the main board?



SS Dave

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Sorry for taking too long to answer, I've been trying to test some smaller components without success. If you need a video, let me know and I'll show you its behavior. I've tried replacing all the bigger Caps. Also tried to replace the transformer and it indeed is working fine. I have a 220v psu to test along and I'm trying to replace some parts that are identical on both psus to try to find the culprit

IMG-20200502-102039.jpg IMG-20200502-102031.jpg IMG-20200502-102025.jpgIMG-20200502-102039.jpg IMG-20200502-102031.jpg IMG-20200502-102025.jpg


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