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[question] Where To Find Built-In Greenshapes Skin?


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It's part of UnleashX's default.xbe, not a separate file in the skins folder. :(

All of the skins with names not surrounded by < and > are built into UnleashX.  Those with < and > are found in UnleashX's Skins subfolder.

The startup splash screen, UXSplash.jpg, is stored in UnleashX's save on the E drive.  You'll find it in the subfolder:


Edit: Rocky5 has extracted the XML files from UnleashX's default.xbe.  I've attached the archive below.

To use a skin found in the archive, create a subfolder in the folder where UnleashX's skins are located on your hard drive with the name of the archive's XML file and change the file's name to skin.xml.

Reboot the console.  The new skins will have < and > surround their names. 


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