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I've got Xbox with the Rocky soft mod. It is remod of an old Xbox that has all the emulators on the G drive. What is the best way for me to get emulators? I have found them online and can FTP into the Xbox but where do I add them? Should I be downloading an emulator specific software to the Xbox?

Maybe there is a walkthrough somewhere that I am missing?


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I downloaded the following emulator:


I FTPed it into my emulator folder on the F drive where the other emulators all reside. I can see it in my emulator menu on the box but when i click it to play it acts like its going to load it but then just resets the box back into the menu.

Any idea what I did wrong? I checked and the .xbe file is there.

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I would guess you didn't do anything wrong (if the others are working). More so, the emulator or download is faulty in someway. Or incompatible with your dashboard or video settings. I can launch FBC 1.2 from UnleashX in 720p no prob.

Try a different dashboard? Or maybe adjust your video settings to troubleshoot.

That emulator is really only needed to run NeoGeo roms in AVS mode or CPS3 games. Try an alternative if you can.

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