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UnleashX Returnes To Dash When Starting App/Game

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I just started up my xbox after having it stored in a box for around 10 years :) 
I have used HeXen 2018 to update to latest version of dash. But when I start my old games stored on the HDD it will first show the "Starting Game xxx" and after a couple of seconds boot back to the dash again.

The only things that works are:
- apps that are installed with the Hexen disk (Not XBMC)
- The Game Big Motha Truckers (starts but gets an error that the disk is dirty)

Any ideas of what the problem could be?

I have a Xecutor2 chip installed on the XBOX. If I turn off the chip it will not start but show an error.



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Error 05? That just indicates the HDD is unlocked which is what you expect with a chipped machine. So when you start with the chip off that is what you get.

What dash did you install from the HeXEn2018 disc (UnleaskX, XBMC?)? Did you install the new dash correctly for a chipped Xbox?

Can you post some screenshots from your file manager of the C:\drive and E:\drive contents and wherever your games are installed?

No point in trying to guess what is wrong until there is more information.

With a chipped machine you of course have the option to install any new HDD or blitz the existing one completely and restart from scratch. Copy (FTP) any stuff you want to preserve to a PC and make sure that includes the eeprom.

I'm not suggesting you do that but it is an option if there's no simple fix for whatever the problem is. 

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thanks for reply, I will try to answer all the questions.

  • I do not remember the error code when the chip was turned of. The switch is burried within the XBOX, so not easy to switxh it off.
  • I have installed all Dash from Hexen, at the moment I have UnleashX as active. I have started XBMC from UnleashX, but the as when starting games. Some noice from the HDD and after a few seconds going back to UnleashX.
  • I have the 0.39.0528A Build 584 of UnleashX. There was no special option when installing the Dash for Chipped XBOX.

You can see the files under C, E And F here:


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Not knowing what a chipped HeXEn install looks like but having experienced what it does post-TSOP if you let it "clean up" afterwards - I'm going by that. It seemed to install everything everywhere whether you were using it or not. There is purpose in that but hell's teeth it is a messy way of doing things.

Your C:\drive looks pretty normal to me for a chipped Xbox. The evoxdash.xbe there is probably your main dash. You can and should check that in UnleashX main menu > System > Settings > System >  Dash  Version (More Information) > UnleashX. It should show something like:-

Path C:\

Phy. Location \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\evoxdash.xbe

If it shows something else - what?

The C:\xboxdash.xbe should be your working MS dash unless HeXEn has re-used the name for doing something else but there is no other XBE on C:\ so it is a good bet that is what it is.

The E:drive is where it starts to get odd (or maybe not for HeXEn). All fairly normal even the EEPROM backup being there if you used or HeXEn used ConfigMagic as "e" ie. the root of the E:\ drive is the default save location. But what that E:\Dash folder is doing there ..............I can only assume it is part of HeXEn's install everything policy and the contents of that would only be used if it was a softmod.

The F:\drive .........................I've seen nothing like that; a weird mix of EvoX, UnleashX and XBMC dashboards, even Avalaunch gets a look in. A loose "Skin" folder for XBMC and a second Skins folder for UnleashX and most peculiarly a second Item.xml and Config.xml. I know why they're there: because if that F:\evoxdash.xbe is used and it is an UnleashX dash they'd be automatically created. Similar the evox.ini if it were a Evox dashboard  XBE. But why that XBE is there. loose I can again, only assume it is HeXEn's install all policy ie. putting a backup main dash on F:\.  

TBH rather than trying to sort out what is causing the problem what I would do is get another virgin HDD and use AID v4.53 (Lite or Full) instead to set that up with a far cleaner dash install. It'll walk you through the initial formatting and then you can use its One-Click chipped/TSOP dash install option in the main menu. You cannot really go wrong with that.

The only downer is that most of the Apps it includes are not the most recent so you'll have to install them yourself from disc or by FTP. XBMC likewise: final version is v3.5.3.

Burn AID v4.53 on DVD-R with ImgBurn and be prepared for as long as 45 second delay when booting the disc.

Any idea what your chip BIOS is? You could try installing BIOSChecker and see if it recognises it.


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