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  1. I'm having some power problem with my Xbox (will not power on any more...) Wil lget back to you when it is up and running.
  2. Hi, thanks for reply, I will try to answer all the questions. I do not remember the error code when the chip was turned of. The switch is burried within the XBOX, so not easy to switxh it off. I have installed all Dash from Hexen, at the moment I have UnleashX as active. I have started XBMC from UnleashX, but the as when starting games. Some noice from the HDD and after a few seconds going back to UnleashX. I have the 0.39.0528A Build 584 of UnleashX. There was no special option when installing the Dash for Chipped XBOX. You can see the files under C, E And F here:
  3. Hi, I just started up my xbox after having it stored in a box for around 10 years I have used HeXen 2018 to update to latest version of dash. But when I start my old games stored on the HDD it will first show the "Starting Game xxx" and after a couple of seconds boot back to the dash again. The only things that works are: - apps that are installed with the Hexen disk (Not XBMC) - The Game Big Motha Truckers (starts but gets an error that the disk is dirty) Any ideas of what the problem could be? I have a Xecutor2 chip installed on the XBOX. If I turn off the chip it

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