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XBmc4gamers and Artwork Questions

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I am using XBMC4GAMERS, an I used the artwork installer, which did install artwork for  almost all of my games.   But can I manually do it for the games/emus etc., that it missed? If so, how?

And can I change the cover art associated with a particular game specifically?  I have that I downloaded that seem to have their own unofficial art. 

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Does the box art associated with a particular game have anything to do with why the xbe files are patched on some downloaded games?  Or is that just to make the games able to run on the HD?

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Now that I have the manual artwork installer, my previous questions were answered.  Now, can anyone explain how to get the artwork working if I sort all my games into directories, alphabetically for example?

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Can you tell me a little about the artwork installer?  and any other tips you care to share on customizing xbmc4gamers.


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If you already have XBMC4GAMERS installed, and the Xbox is connected to the internet, you can go into Options, select settings, and go to Downloader.  If you’ve never used it it will have to download and install.  From there you can download Artwork installer and install it.  It will run a script that will seek out the directories Games, Homebrew, emulators, apps,etc., and install the artwork for the games/etc. that it finds in them.  It does it automatically. 

If you have the latest version of XBMC4gamers, artwork installer installs as an app, so the you have the option to manually install what it didn’t find.  

As for customizing XBMC4gamers, someone else will have to chime in.  I am trying to figure that out a little also.

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Thanks swirly

I finally had it setup the way I wanted it and I found that it crashes while scrolling thru the game list.

Then that profile started giving me errors such as trying to scan games but not actually moving.  

Iv since then made 2 other profiles and the 3rd one works like a dream.  Its minimal but it gets the job done.

Im not sure if the problems are from a doggy ide to sata I got off ebay.  

Anyhow now I know how to set it up its easy to just make another profile.

However my emus dont have any artwork.  does anyone have artwork for Surreal64CE B6.0/ZsnexBox 3.7/mednafenx_nes_v15

and know exactly how to install it without the artwork installer?



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