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.Iso Format Games Help!


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Hi Team,

I currently have a softmodded xbox, with XBOX4Gamers dash, with about 80 games on it. The games were direct rips from my libary.

Now i also have a bunch of Xbox games in .iso format as well.

Can i just FTP this over to my xbox and GTG, or is there more steps to get it working right?

"" So after reading some other posts, seems to get .iso to work is a hassle."

Is there a program i can use to just rip the .iso to its default folders like you see when you rip a game on the xbox its self?

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If you used an NKPatcher-based softmod, you can place the XISO format dot iso file and a copy of the NKPatcher drive image utils's attach.xbe app in a subfolder of your Games directory to run them directly as if a disc were loaded in the DVD drive.

You have to rename the attach.xbe file to default.xbe and use UnleashX's File Manager/Explorer to Rename the XBE Title - the Rename XBE Title operation shown below - as you want it to be displayed by the replacement dashboard's menu.  


UnleashX File Manager/Explorer

Select the game's/app's default.xbe file. Next, press the controller's White button to open Select Options menu - scroll down or up to Rename XBE Title. Press the controller's (A) button to edit the XBE Title. Use the virtual keyboard that pops up to edit the new title. When finished, move to the virtual keyboard's Done button  and press the controller's (A) button to save the changes.

XBMC4Gamers or XBMC4Xbox File Manager/Explorer

I've not check the file manager/explorer operations available in XBMC4Gamers.  I know that XBMC4Xbox has a similar option to UnleashX's to rename the XBE title stored inside the default.xbe file.


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Yes you can use Qwix v1.0.1 or C-Xboxtool v2.0.7 to FTP the files to your Xbox directly from an XISO format dot iso file.  Or, you can extract the file set to your PC's hard drive then upload all the files to a unique subfolder under one of the directories scanned by your replacement dashboard to add games it finds to the Games menu.


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Hello again.

I have tried qwix. But when I try extract the .iso it just gives me another.iso lol.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. 

My files are just regular .iso do I have to convert to an Xiso or something. 

Or when I FTP it over to Xbox does it extract it to all the relevant files. 




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How big is the original dot iso file.  There are two formats out there on the Internet for the ogXbox:

  1. Redump-style archival dual-layer DVD disc images - requires XDVDMulleter to extract the XDVDFS portion of them to run on the Xbox.
  2. XISO disc images created from the file set of the game using Qwix, C-Xbox Tool or other XISO creation tool.  The files/folders you see in a directory listing of the Xbox's D drive when a DVD is loaded into the tray.

The confuse comes from the fact that both use dot iso (.iso) as their filename extension.

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KaosEngineer your a legend!

XDVDMulleter was what i needed! So this  breaks down the iso, into XBE files and its working just fine now! So thanks very much.

Once last question...

in Xbox4Gamers, when i look in my game library, its showing up as attach virtual disc, rather than the games name, any ideas how i fix this?

otherwise the game works fine.

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