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X2 - Wolverines Revenge Black Screen

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Recently i tried to install X2 - Wolverines Revenge on my 1.6 hardmodded xbox and got black screen right after launch. I know there is an issue with 1.6 and HD output with some games but im using composite cable and CRT TV. Really cant figure out this problem. Any1 can help?

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If you downloaded the game rather than installing it from a disc, have you checked the region of the game? I know ideally modding should remove the region restriction, but I've had trouble with some of them booting (I also have a 1.6 - only softmodded however). They load, maybe get to the main menu and then crash when loading the game, or just freeze on the loading screens or main menus or, indeed, blank screen. But when I got the EU (PAL) version of the game, rather than the NTSC or USA version, it worked perfectly.

Otherwise I don't know what to suggest as I dont have a hard modded system (1.6 systems are difficult apparently and I cant be bothered with it lol)

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