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XBox Chip, Programs, Emulatori & Apps Lost!

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Evening, guys. Xbox 1.0 chipmod. I was transferring ninja missives via ftp. Once the transfer is complete the console is restarted, instead of the Dashboard Unleashx well set by me, I find the same dash but as if it had just been installed (no hd, all the menu in English etc etc). The strange thing is that all applications and programs and emulators are not displayed, despite being in their respective partitions and folders. Another thing that happens now is that using XBMC4GAMERS, when I log in to my account, trying to load the games hangs in the loading. Loading evolutionx, the same thing, I don't see any more programs and emulators. Hdd 1tb Dash unleashx in f: Shortly before I had no problem. Help

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The dashboard settings and items listed in the programs, games and emulators menu are set in the replacement dashboards' configuration files for UnleashX's it's  config.xml, for Evoxdash it's evox.ini, etc.  

Was the console softmodded prior to installing a modchip and now the menus have changed booting the BIOS on the modchip?



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Bye, thanks for taking the call.
Until before the transfer of the massive ninja package, everything was perfectly in place.
The bios was m8 plus _137fc working m8 .
xbox with aladdin xt chip.
I had to use the xwizard dvd to reset the unleashx dash as main at boot and install the programs on the F/Apps partition as it was at the beginning of the problem.
But this time, emulators and applications are not seen, even changing Dashboards like Avalaunch or Evolutionx.
I can only see the programs and emulators in the right position if I use a File explorer program

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Yes, it's a text file you can edit to make changes to the settings and menu configuration of UnleashX.


Update: config.xml is UnleashX's equivalent to evoxdash's evox.ini.  They are each dashboard's settings and menu configuration file.

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