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I Got a Xecuter2 Modship How Good It Is ?

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Once the Xbox has a mod chip

You don't need to lock the hard drive that way if a drive fails you can put a new drive in the box load your install disk and start again.

If you decide to up grade the hard drive the old drive can easily be reused as a PC drive, PlayStation,etc etc  with a format because the drive is not locked

If you need to put the drive in a different Xbox as long as that Xbox has a mod chip it works with out unlocking and re-locking.

If the soft mod gets accidentally damaged by deleting the wrong file you can boot from your install disk and quickly fix it.


SS Dave


Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod. 

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I use a SlaYers DVD install disk but it seams the big push is to Hexen DVD install.

You can down load an ISO and  burn to a DVD-r disk, When your writing to the disk set the write speed as slow as the software will allow.

The Hexen ISO is in the download section on this site and if you want a slayers let me know.


SS Dave


Those that can Hard-Mod, Those that can't Soft-Mod.

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Hexen and Slayers are an install disk that is used to setup your Xbox. It contains different dash boards as well as some other useful files/apps.


SS Dave                                                                                              


Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod. 

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