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  1. Hi I just stepped into this does anyone have some info about this Controller?
  2. I got the first one thx for the info I'll keep playing with the original soundtrack then
  3. Hi I recently got steel battalion good as new for 300 buck and I'm stuck at mission 4 for now but my question is about the song we've got in the boom box is it possible to play my own song? BTW I'm looking for a live version I got the campaign only version of anyone have it I'm interested thank you.
  4. I already finished it but when I launch a local multi-player with all my friends it's nearly impossible and I found a stupid bug too when you use a jetpack and swap worms immediately after the game freeze btw it was about forts under siege
  5. Hi like the title says I'm looking on a patch for worms Siège I want the possibility to cancel the god worm it's impossible to finish a game within 30min and the animation took too long that ruin the game. Also does anyone ever made an homebrew Xbox game I'm looking to find some or even making one myself
  6. Yeah I heard something about OG xbox light gun that doesn't work on other games than og xbox games so I bought a big Ben gun hope it will work for me
  7. Thx I'm waiting for your test and if you have a selection of playable light gun game too that would be perfect
  8. Yeah I saw someone using Hexen my main dash is avalaunch right now
  9. I'll be sure to check it out thx
  10. What do you mean by install disk I've got nothing like that can I make another one?
  11. Thx for your answers I don't know for now since my birthday is only on December but I'll check it right when I get it
  12. Hi like the titles says i'm interessed in some good skins especially on avalaunch actually
  13. Hi i recently softmodded an xbox of mine and got the old xecuter2 modship my dad did a while ago. I just want to know what's the big difference and what my hardmod could do that my softmod couldn't Thanks for the answer

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