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Can't Move More Then Around 250gb Into a Folder

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My Brother and I Mod chipped  an xbox back in the day but I'm just now coming back to original xbox modding. So fair I have soft modded, Tsop flashed EVO F+G, installed a 80pin IDE with a 2TB SATA hard drive, used HEXEN 2019 to set up the new hard drive and partition the HDD with 64bit and splitting the F and G using the included defaults included in the disc partitioner, and am now having trouble FTPing the rest of the games. 

It started well, I was able to move ruffly 250GB into my games folder in the F drive when the FTP program I am using failed. I was able to move the rest of the games in my "XBOX HDD ready (#-I) [20140930]" folder into the games folder in the G drive. A few games I tested wouldn't play (IE Conker Live and Reloaded) so deleted it and I tried making a "games 2" folder in the F drive and re sent Conker Live and Reloaded. It would not go.


My goal for the system is to have the entire collection of OG xbox games, and maybe some emulators. I don't understand why my F drive seems to be limited to 250'ish GB when the Home screen says there is 676,539.13MB free.  Any help appreciated.  


Also, I did try to get a 2TB HDD torrent downloaded from arcade punks that was all ready set to go but after a week in and less then 70GB I gave up, with no upload or download caps. If there is a reasonable torrent that has all the OGxbox games and is plug and play that may solve my problems.



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2 hours ago, KaosEngineer said:

Run XBPartitioner v1.3 and verify that the extended partitions 6 and 7 are using 64KB clusters.  


Where do I find XBPartitioner v1.3 with out  with HEXEN to format?


I found  down load and FTP'ed  it over. looks like they are both 64kb

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Should I just start to over with a fresh install? I really want to get this thing to where I want it to be and need to to just need to move pasted this file size issue. 


After further reading, I know know that the "ER" means error and I did not have 64kb clusters. I just ran a few times till it all worked. 

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