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Collecting Microsoft Company Disks

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Does anyone collect Physical copies of Microsoft Company Store Disks?

There Rare? So u had to be a employee of the company to buy this ! 

I got a few and wondered that's a sub set collection ? Kinda like Platinum hits subset.

Plz let me know

thanks K9

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    • By sinclairuser
      hi all, been getting stuff together to mess with the wasabi ode, nearly got a fine going to the storage place(sodding lockdown), luckily i had been shopping too so the law let me off.
      anyway as i was getting stuff together i had a thought, does the ogxbox play mixed mode disks?, thats the back door that allows the wasabi to pass isos to the xbox.
      i'm still going to try it though either way since you never know till you try.
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      I have made a digital copy of this game on the HDD and I get a disc error right at the beginning, after Microsoft logo, that tells me to press A then the game shows the message again on and on. I've tried to launch it both from Evox and XBMC (hard disk game launch, not DVD disc launch).
      Maybe there's some setting to change or some file to patch ( I heard about Amped2 xbe fix, not sure it's the same case here) but I couldn't find anything on google
      Pls help
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      i've been using newark.com but they are really annoying when it comes to finding out info about my shipment. what company do y'all use?

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