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Questions About My Modded XBox


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Hi guys,

First off I want to thank everyone for their help along the way

I've learned a lot from this forum sure I could have had other people do it for me

But honestly I wouldn't have learned as much but I still have a few questions so I'm going to go ahead and post them here

(1) I have a whole bunch of burn CDs for the Dreamcast could my Xbox read them?

(2) with my 500gb IDE drives now installed 110 gig devoted new Xbox games another 80 for coin-ops and probably another hundred for SNES

What would you add now if you were me

(3) I'm thinking of skining my Xbox is there a site still that I can get skins I really don't want to paint the unit

I could buy a bus in Xbox and paint it that case and then just transplant my own but I really don't want to go to the time and after that

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Answer to your questions:

1) Not sure, as I myself don't have a dreamcast, nor have I tested it. I assume it would work, though likely you would need an emulator installed for it to actually be readable. Again never tested this so its purely theory from my pov.

2) That's purely user choice. There are a great many things out there that you could install, such as different dashboards, like Avalaunch, Evox, XBMC4XBOX, Unleash X, and many more.

3) I'm not aware of any site that still sells original xbox skins, though, you might get lucky and find something on ebay. Otherwise, just about your only option to customize your box is to tear it down and paint it.

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My 2 cents on your questions 😃


1. The Dreamcast discs are all CD-R? Is so then it may depend on the make of your Xbox drive, some can read CD-R and some can’t.


2. 100gb for SNES???? You won’t need that much!! 


3. Back in the day there were 100’s of places to get those skins. If you were to find somewhere still selling them today they would be old stock. They may not stick very well after all these years!! I would go down the painting the case route. 


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35 minutes ago, nikeymikey said:

My 2 cents on your questions 😃

3. Back in the day there were 100’s of places to get those skins. If you were to find somewhere still selling them today they would be old stock. They may not stick very well after all these years!! I would go down the painting the case route. 


If I were to paint the case

I'd probably just buy another case paint

imake sure I'm happy with it and then switch over my components

Plenty of Dead original Xbox is around

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I totally agree on the painted case idea. I've done 3 myself and they always come out nice if you take the time to tape properly. But also have a unit I bought off eBay with a vinyl skin applied, and its pretty sweet :)

Can you play Dreamcast games on an Xbox? Sounds awesome, but I've never seen an emulator for it. A stock Xbox is already only hit and miss with a 32bit playstation, so Dreamcast seems a bit far fetched, sadly.

If you have extra space on the 500gb, I would go with preview vids for all the emulators. I think it a nice touch when scrolling through the list a deciding what to play.

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24 minutes ago, nikeymikey said:

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a Dreamcast emulator for the Xbox, it’s just not powerful enough to do it justice. Pretty much PS1 is the most recent console that you will be able to emulate and the performance on that is poor on many games.

I noticed I installed one game on the PS1 emulator and it was so slow I just deleted the emulator


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