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Current development of the XBMC-Emustation can be found by following the source link.

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Some Background Info:

Ok so this started out as a pet project, basically I wanted the look and feel of Retropie on the Xbox. So I used XBMC as the means to do so.

Now the XBMC source has been modified to fit my needs for this project and incorporates a few of the changes I made for XBMC4Gamers, like the full screen splash, faster games menu loading, synopsis script support in the context menu and a load of more changes. I also created a few python script to do all the crappy tasks of creating ,cut files for your roms that XBMC loads for emulators or any xbe for that matter but these are used to pass commands to emulators that support this feature. ( most do :D )

Now I also added layout support for each emulator, there are 3 variations:

  1. default ( layout.xml)
  2. Synopsis ( synopsis_layout.xml )
  3. Thumb ( thumb_layout.xml )

I will go into more depth about these files in its own thread.

I also have included a few emulators ready out of the box so you are up and running as fast as possible. I also make the folder layouts as simple as I could and also matched them to retropie, so porting themes should be easier, as the folders will match up.

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