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Hector Hidalgo

Wrong Temperatures On UnleashX?

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So yes guys, that is my question. Does UnleashX give wrong temperature readings?


My Xbox is 1.6 made in 2005. Here is the thing, I always get 51C degrees on idle and about 57 when playing games according to UnleashX. I don't think those are bad temps, but according to the INTERNET those are a bit high for the OG XBOX.

So I tested another dashboard, this time XBMC4xbox and at the same time/day/moment when UnleashX was giving me 51C on idle,  XBMC4xbox was giving me 40c on the CPU and 30C on the GPU. The lowest I have had just sitting there is 38C on CPU and 28C on GPU, now those temperatures look realistic! (I mean realistic for a computer when doing absolutely nothing).

In average I've found that UnleashX is always reading 7 degrees higher and its minimum is always 45 (minimum in other dashboard is 38c), which again, is weird because sometimes is very cold in here.

What do you guys think? What dashboard is giving the correct temps?


My best regards!



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So do I it's something to do with the data that been read in a ver 1.6. even from cold boot after 1 minute it reports 45c when a noncontact thermometer shows 25c. Just go by the disk temp as a guide as it is above the 2 main chips.

My verision 1.6 which has been on for 4 days(I forgot to turn it off) and it's in a cupboard 1 shelf up from the reciver is showing  CPU 64.3c  SYS 64.0c Harddisk 39.0 the top cover temp is 24c.

So don't worry about it. All other versions report the right temps



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