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Hello Everyone.


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Hi, A little bit about me, I'm what id describe as a  mid 40s tinkerer, I like to understand and fix broken things,  I've had an infinity with the xbox for many years, was a mod/ product tester on xecuter forums for many years, until my twins were born and my priorities changed.

I have slowly gotten back into retro consoles and computers again and have gotten stuck on a 1.6 board that seems completely dead.

I'm hoping with your advice i can get it going again.

I struggle with my dyslexia, so please don't be the grammar or word police 



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      I build a retrogaming setup, and I’m going to add the first Xbox.
      So, I have some questions about this console 😃
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      Hi, my name's Dean and I'm from the UK. The OG xbox was the first console I ever owned (second if you count my gameboy) but it stopped working over recent years. I'm more a mechanical guy by nature so I'm pretty green when it comes to this stuff, but hey what better way to learn than to try fixing my first console. Even more so now I've learned how awesome they can be modded.
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      Just recently got an original Xbox and have been soft modding it. Wanted to try out the original xbox since there are many classics on the system like Conker Live and Reloaded and I feel its best to experience them on original hardware.

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