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[SOLVED] Rocky5 Wont Load


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I'm trying to upgrade a already softmodded xbox with rocky5's Build v1.1.6.

All I get is blank screen

I have tried burning the extras disc to DVD, also I FTP'd the quick upgrade to E:\, and also FTP'd the extras disc atacher (with extras disc iso) folder to E:\apps.  Am I doing something wrong?

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Burnt it @ 8x using imgburn. Also tried to ftp it over and run the default.xbe.

The xbox is a version 1.0 that I was trying to TSOP.. Was sucessful bridging R7D3, but lifted a trace at R7R3.

Maybe R7D3 being bridged is a problem? Although I was able to upgrade the original softmod with hexen 2017, maybe rocky's is mor picky?




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You know, I’m sorry, but I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at here. Is your screenshot what was FTP’d to the system? 

Burning to DVD should work okay but it seems like there may be a bit more there than necessary. Extras disc should come out a little over 700MB, your ISO is twice that size.

It is possible to run XISOs but as far as I know it actually requires you to have Rocky5 installed already. More of a tool for games with super long file names that just don’t work on HDD. 

Please clarify exactly what you had FTP’d over. It should just be This entire directory. /Xbox-softmodding-tool/extras disc and all of its contents can go anywhere they’ll fit on your hard drive. 

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@Gorrillasnot, check the BIOS version that you are booting.

Are you sure you didn't get the TSOP flash to work?  

A Blank screen when you expect the replacement dashboard to be displayed is a symptom of trying to boot a modified BIOS on an already softmodded console.

Update: Reading your other post about lifting a trace during TSOP attempt.  Guess this is the same console left softmodded.  Do you know how it was softmodded?  

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Magicaldave: My directory for the extras disc doesnt look like the link you posted..I will download it again.


KaosEngineer: I'm pretty sure the TSOP didn't work.The bridged point at R7D3 looks perfect but I couldn't get solder to stick to the pad or lifted trace at R7R3. The xbox came from a home with multiple smokers and has a terrible amount of buildup on the board . I tried cleaning several times with alcohol and it didn't seem to help.

It was originally softmodded with ndure 3.1 using a xboxhdm disc, then after my failed attempt to TSOP I updated the softmod with hexen 2017 which completed no problem, I then tried to use rocky5 and that's where I'm stumped.




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      If I try to launch them by booting into the original firmware on TSOP, waiting for the original dashboard to load, then putting the original disc in the tray, the Xbox changes to the Xbox logo screen, with "Microsoft" below the Xbox logo (aka "I've recognized a legit game and I'm loading it"), and then just stays on that screen forever, without actually starting the game. The only thing that will break out of that is ejecting the disc, which takes me back to the dashboard, or powering off.
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      Any thoughts as to why these and just these 4 games don't work, either through ISO loading, extraction to hard disk, or known good retail disk on retail firmware would be really appreciated - I'm stumped!

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